Jefferson County Adult Education Programs with School Info

Students in Jefferson County, Kentucky, can find educational programs available for adults in need of a high school diploma, enhanced English language skills or specific workforce development skills. Learn about the county's programs here.

Schools and Programs

Adult education programs in Jefferson County are offered by the public school system. The county has both individual courses and non-degree programs available. Aside from educational and workforce-related courses and programs, such as GED training, the county also offers personal improvement courses in areas such as cooking or the arts. Some of the courses are free. More information on the adult education program and the topics covered by the county are outlined below.

School At a Glance

School Location Institution Type Class Format
Jefferson County Public Schools Louisville, KY Public Online, on-campus

Jefferson County Public Schools' Adult Education Programs

The Adult and Continuing Education division of Jefferson County Public Schools serves over 30,000 adults each year. Programs are available in General Educational Development (GED), English as a Second Language (ESL), workforce training and personal enrichment.

Workforce Services Programs

Jefferson County Public Schools offers a variety of workforce services programs providing adult students with basic job skills necessary for employment. Programs include a para-educator workshop that prepares students for jobs as instructional assistants.

General Educational Development Courses

GED courses are offered free to adult students at many locations throughout Jefferson County. Courses help students upgrade their reading and math skills in preparation for high school diploma equivalency exams.

English as a Second Language Courses

ESL courses are designed to help adult students who want to learn or improve their English language skills. Courses are free and are offered at a variety of locations. Beginning, intermediate and advanced classes are offered, as well as special topic classes in areas such as conversation, grammar or civics.

Computer Courses

A variety of computer courses are offered, including a general introductory computer course and an introductory course designed specifically for seniors. Other courses are offered in specific software, such as Microsoft Word, or in digital imaging or Internet use.

Creative Arts Courses

Adults can also choose from courses in chalk painting, drawing, or digital photography, among other arts and crafts. These courses are designed for adult students who wish to gain a new hobby or develop artistic skills.

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