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Keyboarding Course and Class Information

Keyboarding courses train students to type quickly and accurately without looking at the keyboard. Such courses can be taken alone or as part of a full certificate or degree program.

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Essential Information

Standalone keyboarding courses are available at the beginning through advanced levels. Courses in keyboarding are also available through computer technology, legal secretary, medical transcription and keyboarding certificate programs, as well as associate's degree programs for administrative assistants. Many certificate and degree programs also teach students to use common office software, including those for word processing, presentations and spreadsheets.

A beginning keyboarding course teaches students to touch type quickly and accurately, while intermediate and advanced courses give them experience typing up various types of documents, using special keys and continuing to improve their speed and accuracy. Those interested in working in the legal field can take an advanced typing course that covers legal terminology, legal documents and legal transcription.

List of Classes

Some descriptions of common beginning through advanced keyboarding classes are shown below.

Beginning Keyboarding

Designed for individuals who have little or no training in typing or keyboarding, this course introduces students to techniques that will allow them to progress past pecking at the keys. Students memorize the order of the keys and practice typing for speed and accuracy. The course stresses typing without looking at the computer keyboard or backtracking to fix mistakes. To move on, students must be able to type 30 words per minute with three or fewer errors.

Intermediate Keyboarding

This course builds upon the skills acquired in beginning keyboarding classes. Students type up letters, tables, manuscripts and footnotes using correct techniques. Exams are taken on the computer, and students may be given a certain period of time, such as five minutes, in which to type as much as they can of a certain document; they are then graded based on speed and accuracy.

Legal Keyboarding

Students in this intermediate keyboarding course learn how to type up legal documents and transcriptions. Students use headphones to listen to legal proceedings, which they must then type up as quickly and correctly as possible. Through this course, students also learn legal terminology so they can use and spell it properly.

Advanced Keyboarding

This advanced class focuses on the symbols and numerical keys found on a keyboard. Students practice typing a variety of documents, which can help them become more familiar with all of the specialty keys. At the same time, students continue to work on increasing their typing speed. Keyboard classes like this often use drills to help students improve their skill sets.

10-Key Data Entry

This advanced course in keyboarding introduces students to the industry standard for data entry. Often, this course is offered as a personal interest course, where students work on a computer that automatically marks when they make a mistake. Students use the numerical keypad, located off to the right on desktop computer keyboards, and learn to type from the home row.

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