List of Masters Programs Offered by U.S. Colleges and Universities

Most college and universities offer some master's degree programs, either through a graduate college or through individual colleges and departments. Master's degree programs are available in almost any subject. When choosing a college or university for a master's degree, students typically evaluate the fields offered, class size, tuition and available financial assistance.

How to Select a Master's Degree Program School

Common master's degree programs culminate in Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Divinity and Master of Education degrees. The specific subject areas and degree programs available at a given school will impact a student's choice of university.

Consider the following when looking for schools with master's degree programs:

  • Students should ensure that a school not only offers programs in their chosen field, but at the level they desire.
  • Tuition for credits towards a master's degree is often more expensive than for an undergraduate degree.
  • Many students seek financial assistance to meet their tuition costs; financial assistance can take the form of loans, grants, assistantships and teaching positions.
  • Although material and instruction style vary by field, most courses in graduate school tend to have fewer students.

10 Schools with Master's Degree Programs

College/University Institution Type
Arizona State University 4-year, Public
Ohio State University 4-year, Public
University of Florida 4-year, Public
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities 4-year, Public
University of Central Florida 4-year, Public
The University of Texas at Austin 4-year, Public
Texas A & M University 4-year, Public
Michigan State University 4-year, Public
University of South Florida 4-year, Public
Pennsylvania State University 4-year, Public

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