Local Art Classes, Workshops and Training Program Overviews

Students interested in taking local art classes can choose from visual arts such as painting, drawing and sculpture, as well as physical arts such as dance and acting. Perhaps, the easiest way to find local art classes is by using the Internet.

Local Art Classes, Workshops and Training Programs

When it comes to finding local art classes, prospective students should first decide upon a discipline and level of interest. Art classes may be part of a degree or a certificate program at a local art school or offered as personal enrichment classes. Leisure and personal enrichment art classes are often found at local community centers, community colleges and other locations. Some local art instructors may offer classes at their own homes. Established community art centers and galleries may have their own websites, which are often easily found through simple web searches.

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Most art classes can be found through an Internet search engine. By typing 'art classes' into a Google search box, students will find local results based upon their IP addresses, which the search engine displays on a Google Map. These results may include colleges, universities and local art centers. Students can also include a specific city or town as part of their search terms.

National Center for Education Statistics

In addition to search engines, students can use the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) to search for art schools in their area. At the center's website, students may use the College Navigator's Program/Majors Selector to search for nearby visual and performing arts programs. The NCES will then bring up a list of schools that fit their criteria. Students should be aware in advance that while this method will allow them to find art classes offered by public and private colleges and universities, art schools and technical centers, it may not include all of the available options.

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