Logistics PhD Degree Program Information

A Ph.D. in Logistics focuses on the operations and maintenance of supply chain management and transportation. Programs are research intensive and prepare students to manage systems of

Essential Information

Students in Ph.D. programs in logistics study and research the development, theory, and strategy of logistics modeling and operations in supply chain management and transportation. Doctoral degree candidates use analytical and empirical research methods and understand the process of forecasting, purchasing, inventory, and assembly. These full-time programs are also technology intensive.

  • Program Levels in Logistics: Bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees
  • Prerequisites: Bachelor's degree; strong GMAT scores; relevant work experience sometimes preferred

Doctoral Degree in Logistics

A Ph.D. in Logistics requires a lot of writing and research from students. To get accepted into one of these programs, students need to have at least their bachelor's degree, with a master's preferred by some programs. Ph.D. programs are highly competitive and master's degrees may be earned in tandem with the doctoral degree. Strong GMAT scores are a must. Relevant work experience is encouraged due to the programs' competitiveness.

The majority of a Ph.D. students' time is spent on researching, writing, and editing a dissertation. This is the culmination of their work and is presented to a panel that decides if the Ph.D. candidate may graduate. A written and oral exam is also necessary for degree completion. Students can expect to study:

  • Logistical systems
  • Methods of statistical research
  • Modeling logistics
  • Supply chain technology
  • Transportation economics

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

This terminal degree program is intended for those entering academic professions, but may increase opportunities for upper-management positions, such as a logistics coordinator or manager. According to the BLS, employment opportunities for logisticians are expected to grow 22% from 2012-2022. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS, reported in May 2014 that the mean annual salary earned by a logistician was $76,830.

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