Make-Up Artist Degree Programs with Course Information

A make-up artist certificate provides students with artistic skills regarding airbrushing, sculpting and painting just to name a few. There are many schools that offer certificate programs, helping individuals break into many different industries like fashion and other media fields.

Essential Information

Certificate programs in make-up artistry usually include general education requirements, as well as courses in areas such as studio make-up, special effects, artistry and master make-up classes. Graduates of these programs go on to pursue careers in make-up, fashion, performance and media fields. Many make-up artist programs also cover areas that include scripting, digital character design and on-set protocols. Specific skills in television and stage make-up are also offered.

  • Program Levels in Make-Up Artistry: Certificate programs
  • Program Length: Certificate programs can typically be completed in a year
  • Other Requirements: Some previous art experience may be preferred

Make-Up Artist Certificate

Make-up artistry certifications either supply a make-up kit or require students to purchase one. A typical make-up kit contains items like a brush set (usually 30 or more), airbrushes, blushes, lip products and foundation, color wheels, blood and bald caps. Coursework in this type of program is designed to help students develop their aesthetic principles and practical skills through intensive application sessions. Course topics may include:

  • Culture and appearance
  • Fundamentals of makeup for beauty and fashion
  • Advanced stage make-up
  • Intro to visual arts
  • Textile and apparel industry

Popular Career Options

Individuals who get their certification as a make-up artist have many avenues to take after school. Students can start their work with cosmetic companies. They can also work on sets of motion picture studios. Additionally, individuals may work in theatrical productions, television and beauty salons.

Career Outlook and Salary Information

According to the BLS, makeup artists both in theater and performance made a mean annual wage of $60,830 in May 2014. For the same year, skin care specialists made a mean annual wage of $33,810. The BLS also states that the job outlook for these specialists from 2012-2022 is expected to grow by 40%. This is much faster than the average for all other occupations.

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