Masters Degree Programs in Political Science

Master's degree programs in political science focus their curricula around concepts like constitutional rights, foreign policies and regional politics.

Essential Information

Students in a master's degree program in political science will study a range of topics that impact world politics. Most programs also require completion of a thesis and a comprehensive examination. Internships and study abroad experiences are typically available as well.

Earning a master's degree in political science can lead to careers in government, nonprofit organizations, private sector research and academia. These 2-year programs are also a suitable stepping stone for students who'd like to continue their education at the doctoral level, where they'd focus more on independent research.

  • Prerequisites: Bachelor's degree, coursework in political science or a related field
  • Program Length: 2 years
  • Field Specializations: Comparative politics, public policy, international relations, political theory, and others
  • Other Requirements: Internships, thesis projects, study abroad opportunities

Master's Degree Programs in Political Science

Applicants to a graduate program in political science should have previously completed a bachelor's degree with coursework in political science or a related field, such as the social sciences. Throughout a political science master's program, students study and research several aspects of the field, including areas of policy, management and law. Courses may address topics such as:

  • International development
  • Constitutional law and public budgeting
  • Human rights
  • World politics and policy analysis
  • Democratization
  • Diplomacy

Popular Career Options

Graduates who wish to enter into the workforce immediately after obtaining their master's degrees in political science may find careers in government or nonprofit organizations, research departments or educational facilities. Individuals may find positions as:

  • Legislative analysts
  • Political commentators
  • Corporate managers
  • Immigration officers
  • Foreign service officers

Continuing Education

After completing a master's degree program in political science, graduates have the groundwork to pursue a doctorate program. Ph.D. programs in political science are typically focused around methodologies and research and may lead to careers in higher education or research.

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