Mediation Schools and Colleges in the U.S.

When there is a legal dispute between two or more parties, mediation is an alternative to the traditional litigation process. Mediation schools offer a range of options, from workshops to certificate programs to Master of Laws degrees.

How to Select a Mediation School

A mediator is a neutral party brought in to assist the disputants involved in a legal argument and help them reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

Consider the following when looking for mediation schools:

  • Choosing a mediation school will depend greatly on the desired level of education.
  • Prospective students should consider the preferred area of concentration when choosing a mediation school.
  • Core courses for mediation degrees should include subjects such as conflict resolution philosophy, the psychology of conflict, communication, culture and conflict, roots of social conflict, human diversity and global conflict analysis.

10 Schools with Mediation Programs

College/University Institution Type
University of California-Berkeley 4-year, Public
Wayne State University 4-year, Public
George Mason University 4-year, Public
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 4-year, Public
Nova Southeastern University 4-year, Private
Portland State University 4-year, Public
University of Akron Main Campus 4-year, Public
Kent State University Kent Campus 4-year, Public
University of Oregon 4-year, Public
Kennesaw State University 4-year, Public

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