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Medical Management Courses and Classes Overview

Medical management courses are usually available at the graduate level. Get some essential information about medical management graduate programs and the required coursework.

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Essential Information

Medical management classes are typically part of a master's degree or graduate certificate program in medical or health care management. These programs teach business skills to medical professionals and enhance the careers of business leaders who manage hospitals, clinics and other health care organizations. Business classes in finance, information management, personnel management and marketing are part of a medical management curriculum. Students also study conflict resolution, negotiation and the ethical and legal issues related to health care. An internship may be required.

List of Classes

Keep reading for more information about what is covered in medical management courses.

Medical Practice Financial Management Course

In this course, students learn how to manage money within a medical practice. Budgeting, pricing and analysis of financial statements are covered. Payment methods, including health insurance and government payments, are explained. Business planning may also be part of this course. This required course for medical management programs is completed in the first semester of study.

Information Management Course

Methods of obtaining, organizing, storing and transferring patient health information are discussed in this course, along with potential concerns for information managers to remember. Students learn the latest health information technology to manage individual patient health history and test information while gaining an understanding of current health information privacy laws. This course may be taken in the second year of a master's degree program.

Patient Satisfaction Course

Providing quality patient care may be the job of a doctor, but the entire medical office staff helps ensure that patients are satisfied with their experience and want to return to the office. In this course, students learn how to evaluate patient satisfaction. They discover how to manage and improve quality of services delivered by the entire staff. This course may be taken in the second semester of a 2-year program.

Health Care Organization Marketing Course

Marketing skills are taught in this course as they apply to all health care organizations, such as physician's offices and hospitals. Performing market research and designing a strategy to best advertise a health care organization is a key concept presented here. This course may be taken as an elective.

Ethical and Legal Issues Course

In this course, students learn the laws and regulations that govern medical practices. Health information confidentiality, contracts and professional licensing issues are among the subjects covered. Common issues in medical ethics are discussed. This required course can be taken near the end of the program.

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation in Health Care Course

In this course, students learn strategies to resolve professional and personal disputes in a health care setting. Negotiation, mediation and bargaining skills are taught. Medical managers who use these skills to settle conflicts can become more effective leaders. This course is required in many medical management degree programs. In some cases, it may be part of a management and leadership course.

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