Medical Trade Schools and Vocational Schools in the U.S.

Schooling for medical and trade careers, which include medical assistants and billers, can be obtained at 2-year colleges and training centers. There are many vocational and medical trade programs in the U.S.

How to Select a Medical Trade and Vocational School

Some medical trade and vocational professions include personal fitness, surgical technician, medical billing, pharmacy technician, medical assisting and vocational nursing.

Consider the following when looking for medical trade and vocational schools:

  • The student should find the school with the proper programming and accreditation.
  • Medical trade schools should specifically mention national licensing and certification exams for various vocational careers on their website,
  • All medical equipment owned and operated by the school should be up-to-date, and affiliation with an area hospital will be helpful.

10 Schools with Medical Trade and Vocational Programs

College/University Institution Type
Miami Dade College 4-year, Public
Houston Community College System 2-year, Public
Northern Virginia Community College 2-year, Public
Lone Star College System 2-year, Public
College of Southern Nevada 4-year, Public
Tarrant County College District 2-year, Public
Riverside Community College 2-year, Public
Austin Community College District 2-year, Public
Valencia Community College 2-year, Public
City College of San Francisco 2-year, Public

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