Minnesota GED Program Overviews and Requirements

Like every state in the United States, as well as the District of Columbia, Minnesota offers the General Educational Development (GED) certificate as an alternative basic educational credential for Minnesotans who haven't earned a high school diploma. This article details the requirements for a Minnesota GED and preparation programs that are available for GED candidates.

Requirements to Earn a Minnesota GED

The GED exam consists of a series of tests which measure one's ability to understand concepts often taught in high schools. The updated 2014 GED exam is separated into four tests that focus on reasoning through language arts, social studies, science and mathematical reasoning.

GED candidates in Minnesota can earn a State of Minnesota GED Diploma, which is issued by the Minnesota Department of Education. To pass this exam, test-takers must earn a total score of at least 600. No single subject test score can go below 150.

Eligibility Requirements

The Minnesota GED is meant as a substitute for a high school diploma, so GED applicants cannot be enrolled in high school or possess a high school diploma. GED prospects must be at least 19 years old unless they complete an age waiver form, found at the Minnesota Department of Education's website (education.state.mn.us). With an age waiver form, Minnesotans as young as 16 years old can qualify to take the GED exams if they meet certain requirements, such as having been out of school for at least one year. Age waivers may also be granted if the GED is required by a prospective employer or the military.

Preparation Programs

Minnesota offers GED testing at approximately 50 centers across the state. GED testing is not available online; however, some GED prep courses - which don't need to be completed in order to take the exams - are available over the Internet. Minnesota provides free online GED preparation through a program called GED-i. This is a nationally recognized service, and it's free to adult learners who aren't enrolled in high school. Students may log onto GED-i at any time of day for instructional content related to test-taking strategies and subjects tested.

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