Motorcycle Repair Schools and Universities with Program Overviews

Motorcycle repair technicians diagnose and repair problems that motorcycles have with their engines, electrical systems and other parts. There are several 2-year degree programs in motorcycle repair, which include other small engine vehicles.

How to Select a Motorcycle Repair School

A good motorcycle repair school offers degrees in motorcycle, marina and power equipment services. This degree program, while offering the option to focus on motorcycles, gives students a broad range of knowledge in the field of automotive service. Students learn to maintain and troubleshoot many types of power equipment, making them more employable.

Since the student will ultimately work on motorcycles, it's important the school has its own garage from which the student can learn. After basic classroom instruction, the right program will shift into work on actual motorcycles and other pieces of heavy-duty equipment and machinery. The goals of these programs include educating the student so he or she can eventually attain journeyman status, which may also require several years of work experience as an apprentice repair technician.

Within these programs the student can often find a specialized associate's degree sponsored by a manufacturer, such as Harley Davidson. This option specifically trains students to transition from schooling to a specific company's manufacturing plant or dealership. Students often spend their summers working full time at the company's plant, where they will likely work year-round upon graduation. Like all programs related to motorcycle repair, students should find one which prepares them for a wide range of entry-level positions while teaching them teamwork, business practices and other necessary professional skills.

Summary of important considerations:

  • The student can often find a specialized associate's degree program sponsored by a particular manufacturer.
  • Training on a specific manufacturer allows the student to transition from schooling to that company's plant or dealership.

10 Motorcycle Repair Schools

College/University Institution Type
Austin Community College 2-year, Public
Pulaski Technical College 2-year, Public
Washtenaw Community College 2-year, Public
Forsyth Technical Community College 2-year, Public
Ashworth College 4-year, Private
El Paso Community College 2-year, Public
Western Iowa Tech Community College 2-year, Public
Kansas City Kansas Community College 2-year, Public
Georgia Piedmont Technical College 2-year, Public
City College of San Francisco 2-year, Public

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