Movie Director Schools, Colleges and Universities in the U.S.

Prospective movie directors can find training through film and production programs, which are offered at the associate's, bachelor's and master's degree levels. Each degree program allows students to work on individual projects and introduces core movie director topics, such as screenwriting, directing, editing and cinematography.

How to Select a Movie Director School

Some common concentration areas include screenwriting, camera operation, editing and directing. Additionally, a senior thesis film may be required to complete a bachelor's degree.

Consider the following when looking for movie director schools:

  • Prospective students should also take into account the quality and amount of equipment a film department has to offer.
  • Also, a prospective student should ensure that there is an abundance of film cameras, lighting equipment and editing stations for use.

10 Schools with Movie Director Programs

College/University Institution Type
Arizona State University 4-year, Public
Miami Dade College 4-year, Public
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 4-year, Public
University of Central Florida 4-year, Public
New York University 4-year, Private
Florida State University 4-year, Public
University of Southern California 4-year, Private
Boston University 4-year, Private
George Mason University 4-year, Public
University of Iowa 4-year, Public

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