Music Recording Universities and Colleges in the U.S.

Prospective students who wish to enter into the music recording industry can choose between two degree options. These programs include an associate's degree in recording arts and a bachelor's degree in recording arts or music engineering. The former can be pursued at many community colleges, while the latter requires attending a 4-year school.

Choosing a Music Recording School

Associate's and bachelor's degrees are available for students who want to pursue a career in music recording; these degrees may include the titles 'recording arts' or 'music engineering.'

An associate's degree program in music recording is designed for students who want to gain an overview of the field and an understanding of audio electronics and theory. Some possible courses include audio techniques, multi-track studio techniques, audio technology and audio maintenance and repair. Elective courses are also required for degree completion, and they give students an opportunity to specialize in a particular area of interest in the field.

A 4-year bachelor's degree program in music recording prepares students for a career in audio post-production, live sound and music engineering. Core courses include such topics as electronics, picture production sound, basic electricity and studio processes.

Students interested in music recording should consider the following when choosing a school:

  • Some schools may offer fully equipped recording studios, while others may not, so prospective students should consider only those schools that meet their audio technical requirements.
  • An associate's degree program may appeal to those who want to enter into this mostly freelance-based industry as quickly as possible.
  • In a bachelor's degree program, students may be required to complete a senior project where they will work closely with an adviser to develop a project idea before actually commencing work.

10 Schools with Music Recording Programs

College/UniversityInstitution Type
Indiana University - Bloomington4-year, Public
American River College2-year, Public
Texas State University - San Marcos4-year, Public
Sacramento City College2-year, Public
Mesa Community College2-year, Public
Fullerton College2-year, Public
Los Angeles Valley College2-year, Public
Foothill College2-year, Public
San Diego City College2-year, Public
CUNY LaGuardia Community College2-year, Public

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