List of Music Universities and Colleges with Contact Information

Future performers, music teachers or producers might pursue a music degree. Undergraduate degrees can be completed within four years, while graduate degrees require an additional 2-3 years of study.

How to Select a Music School

While researching schools, prospective music students might begin by comparing available degree types. Focuses may include performing, recording studio production, music business or music education with possible concentrations including music engineering, vocal performance, instrumental performance, musical theatre, entertainment business, composition, music therapy, jazz and musicology. Prospective undergraduates who have not yet decided upon a focus area may pursue a general Bachelor of Arts in Music or a Bachelor of Music program.

Other considerations:

  • Research faculty profiles to see if they share a focus or instrument with you.
  • Find out the caliber of visiting speakers and performers a school brings in.
  • Know what performance opportunities a school has, such as campus bands, orchestras, choirs, ensembles and other groups along with the potential for student performances.

Top 10 Music Schools

College/University Institution Type
Southern Methodist University 4-year, Private
Boston College 4-year, Private
Princeton University 4-year, Private
Yale University 4-year, Private
Stanford University 4-year, Private
Cornell University 4-year, Private
Brown University 4-year, Private
Duke University 4-year, Private
Columbia University 4-year, Private
College of William and Mary 4-year, Private

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