New Jersey Adult Education Information with School Overviews

Adult students in New Jersey have many educational options. Community colleges and several specialized schools are geared toward adult education. Programs are designed to build or improve career-related skills or provide an opportunity for students to further develop personal interests.

Schools and Programs

Adult learners residing in New Jersey can find many education programs through public school systems and community centers. Programs include English as a Second Language (ESL) and adult basic literacy, as well as opportunities for personal growth and development. Students can build or enhance their skills in areas of gardening, painting, photography, and computer technology.

Classes are also offered that help students stop smoking, get fit through various types of exercise programs, earn their high school diploma, learn first aid, improve their driving skills or develop various recreational skills. More details about two of these institutions and the adult classes they offer are found below.

Schools At a Glance

Schools Location Institution Type Class Format
South Orange-Maplewood Adult School Maplewood, NJ Public On-campus and online
South Plainfield Adult School South Plainfield, NJ Public On-campus

South Orange-Maplewood Adult School's Adult Education Programs

The Maplewood Adult School is a nonprofit educational institution offering community education and ESL programs. Several career certificate programs are offered online. The school is located in Maplewood, just outside of Newark, New Jersey.

English as a Second Language Programs

ESL beginner and intermediate courses are designed for foreign-born adults who need to learn or improve their English-speaking skills. An advanced ESL class focuses on conversational skills.

Technology Courses

Courses in technology that are offered include topics like Microsoft Excel and Office. Also, there are courses in Adobe programs, like Illustrator and Photoshop. Cleaning your computer, is another topic, in addition to courses on social media, QuickBooks, Wordpress, Google, and iPads.

Creative Arts Courses

Students can explore creative arts courses in crafts, fine arts, and photography. Also included are courses in sewing and writing.

Gardening Courses

Courses in various types of gardening, such as vegetables or perennials, are offered. Students learn basic gardening and growing techniques and discuss trends in local growing.

Personal Growth and Better Health Programs

Personal growth and better health programs offered at South Orange-Maplewood's Adult School include topics like first aid and CPR, hypnosis to stop smoking, hypnosis to lose weight, meditation, natural heath and healing. Classes come on a first-come, first-serve basis.

South Plainfield Adult School's Adult Education Programs

The South Plainfield Adult School is sponsored by the South Plainfield Board of Education and located in the northeast region of New Jersey. The school offers adult educational and recreational programs in a variety of areas, as well as an adult high school program and ESL courses. Students can register online.

Computer Course

A computer course is offered on Microsoft Office. Microsoft Word and Excess will also be discussed. Students will learn how to create and manage spreadsheets and documents, in business applications.

Real Estate Courses

A series of real estate courses are designed for adult students considering a career in that field. Several other courses are directed at individuals wishing to buy or sell a home.

Health Courses

Courses in yoga are offered, as well as tai chi. Adults who want to quit smoking can enroll in the stop smoking clinic. Additional class offerings include first aid and a six hour behind-the-wheel driving program.

Arts and Crafts Course

An oil painting workshop is offered as an arts and crafts course. Students will engage in painting in a collective environment. Materials will not be provided.

Adult Exercise, Aerobics, and Aquatic Classes

Adult exercise, aerobics, and aquatic classes include topics like Zumba, pilates, inline skating, racquetball, table tennis, and various courses in aerobics.

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