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Night Classes: How Do Night Classes Work?

Night classes (also called evening classes) are offered by most postsecondary institutions, including career colleges, community colleges and 4-year universities. Read on to learn more about different types of night classes, program formats and enrollment info.

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An Overview of How Night Classes Work

A variety of topics can be covered in night classes, including cooking, painting, computer basics, science, mathematics, music, English and training for a high school diploma. While night classes at career and community colleges generally take a few weeks to complete, night classes offered at 4-year schools typically last an entire semester.

Types of Night Classes

Night classes generally fall under two categories: those offered by career, community and junior colleges that are geared toward working adults seeking vocational training or obtaining a GED; and those offered by larger colleges and universities as part of their conventional curriculum.

Career, Junior and Community Colleges

Night classes offered by career, community and junior colleges cover topics such as cooking, auto repair, computer fundamentals and basic high school training. Some students take night classes to fulfill continuing education and professional development requirements, to work towards earning a degree or to become certified in a trade or profession. Others take night classes for fun. These courses tend to last only a few weeks. Upon completion, graduates typically receive a diploma or certificate in their respective areas of study.

4-Year Colleges and Universities

Large colleges and universities offer night classes as part of their regular degree programs. Scheduling for these courses may rotate, being offered at night one semester and during the day the next. Any registered student interested in attending classes at night can enroll. Most do so because of conflicting work and personal schedules that prevent them from attending class during the day. Others do so because they prefer to be in class at night and spend the day taking care of other business.

The same content and materials covered in day classes are usually covered in night classes. Unlike night courses at career colleges that may only last a few weeks, these courses generally span an entire semester. Night courses may be taken in the following subjects, among others:

  • Computer science
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Art
  • Philosophy
  • Religious studies
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