Novi, Michigan (MI) Colleges and Universities

While there are only two schools in Novi, there are many schools located within a 15-mile radius. Read about the top schools in several categories, including highest graduation rate and lowest student-faculty ratio, to find the school for you.

School Ranking Overview

Students seeking postsecondary schools in Novi, MI, will find only a few private nonprofit universities and public 2-year colleges in the area. By comparing these institutions with each other, students can make an informed decision about which school would be the best fit for them. This article compares and ranks four of these colleges using national statistics and school facts culled from specific college and university websites. The schools are compared in these categories:

  • Most Program Variety
  • Lowest Net Price
  • Highest Graduation Rate
  • Lowest Student-Faculty Ratio

Most Program Variety

Two for-profit schools are found in the city of Novi. However, only traditional, not-for-profit schools are considered for this article. Students can find a variety of education options within 15 miles of Novi, with the top three schools each featuring more than 60 programs.

1 - Madonna University

Found in Livonia, Madonna University is a private Franciscan and Catholic school. Students can pursue bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees along with numerous certificates; around 127 programs are available. The post-graduate certificate in teacher education and professional development for specific levels/methods was awarded to 227 students in 2011-2012, as noted by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). Popular bachelor's degree programs that year included criminal justice/safety studies and registered nursing, according to the NCES.

2 - Oakland Community College

Oakland Community College is found in the city of Bloomfield Hills and has 5 campuses. There are about 111 program options at this school, and students can earn undergraduate certificates and associate's degrees. In 2011-2012, the most popular area of study among associate's degree recipients was liberal arts and sciences, according to the NCES. Other fields students can study include computer programming, business administration, community health services and science technologies. The NCES also noted that common areas of study among certificate students were legal assistant/paralegal, medical insurance coding and licensed practical nursing.

3 - Schoolcraft College

Schoolcraft College is a 2-year public school located in Livonia. Students can find courses offered in online, traditional, hybrid and open entry formats. Along with associate's degrees, students can also pursue undergraduate certificates. In total, this school features roughly 63 programs. General studies and health services were the most common areas of study for associate's degree recipients in 2011-2012, according to the NCES. Fields of study available for certificate programs include medical insurance specialist, baking/pastry arts and electrical/electronic equipment installation.

Lowest Net Price

The average net price of a school is calculated by taking a school's total estimated cost of attendance (including tuition, living expenses, etc.) and subtracting the amount of financial aid awarded to in-state students on average. Net prices in the Novi area ranged from $4,103 to $23,586. According to the NCES in 2011-2012, these following schools had the lowest net prices among traditional, not-for-profit schools near Novi.

1 - Schoolcraft College

Schoolcraft College's net price of $4,103 causes it to rank first in this category. This net price was just slightly less than the price of $4,126 from the previous year. The NCES found that 40% of all undergraduates were awarded scholarships or grants averaging $4,105 in 2011-2012. Tuition and fees for undergraduates in 2012-2013 were estimated at $2,960 in-district, $4,160 in-state and $5,990 out-of-state.

2 - Oakland Community College

This school places second with a net price of $4,352. Scholarships or grants averaging $4,706 were given to 40% of the students at Oakland Community College in 2011-2012, according to the NCES. The NCES found that tuition and fees were $2,247 in 2012-2013.

3 - Madonna University

A net price of $14,034 was found at this school, placing it at number three on the list. The tuition and fees were estimated at $15,300 in 2012-2013, according to the NCES. The NCES also found that 63% of undergraduates were awarded an average of $4,962 in grants/scholarships in 2011-2012. The College Board reported that 18% of students had their full financial aid needs met, and students graduate with an average of $23,614 in loan debt.

Highest Graduation Rates

The overall graduation rates from the NCES are calculated by finding the percentage of students who finished their programs within 150% of 'normal time' (e.g. six years for a bachelor's degree program). Traditional, not-for-profit schools near Novi had relatively low graduation rates, with the top three schools featuring figures below 50%.

1 - Lawrence Technological University

Lawrence Technological University is a private school found in Southfield. USNWR ranked this school at #53 on its list of 'Regional Universities (Midwest)' in 2014. This school places first with a graduation rate of 52%. As of fall 2012, the NCES noted that the school was able to retain 74% of full-time and 47% of part-time students who began in fall 2011. The NCES also reported that 20% of bachelor's students who started in fall 2006 were able to graduate in four years.

2 - Madonna University

Madonna University had a graduation rate of 39%, and the NCES found that 21% of students who began a bachelor's program in fall 2006 finished within four years. Of the undergraduates who began a bachelor's program in fall 2011, 84% of full-time and 40% of part-time students returned to continue their studies in fall 2012.

3 - Schoolcraft College

According to the NCES, 16% of the students who started attending Schoolcraft College in fall 2009 managed to finish within 150% of the program's normal time. This figure dropped to eight percent for students who graduated within the 'normal time'. From fall 2011 to fall 2012, this school retained 57% of part-time learners and 45% of full-time students.

Lowest Student-Faculty Ratio

The NCES also reported schools' student-faculty ratios in 2011. Low ratios may indicate smaller class sizes and increased attention from professors. Traditional, not-for-profit schools in the area fell into two main groups: those that had low ratios of 11:1, and the rest that had figures higher than 25:1.

1 - Lawrence Technological University

In first place with a student-faculty ratio of 11:1 is Lawrence Technological University. USNWR found that there were less than 20 students in 77% of the classes as of 2012, while just 0.3% of the classes enrolled 50 or more students. Additionally, the NCES noted that there were 278 part-time and 101 full-time instructional faculty members employed in fall 2012. The school enrolled 3,065 undergraduate students and 1,089 graduate students in 2012.

2 - Madonna University

This school takes second place with a student-faculty ratio of 12:1. In 2012, 70.2% of the classes had fewer than 20 students, according to USNWR. The student population was made up of 3,185 undergraduate students and 1,197 graduate students in 2012, while the faculty had 118 full-time members in fall 2012.

3 - Oakland Community College

The student-faculty ratio for Oakland Community College was 26:1, which was significantly higher than the top two schools in the area. The school had 27,296 students in 2012, along with 988 part-time and 252 full-time instructional faculty members as of fall 2012.

Novi Area Schools at a Glance

School Name Location School Type Degrees Offered Area Ranking
Lawrence Technological University Southfield, MI (12.9 miles from Novi) 4-year, private, not-for-profit Between 1- and 2-year and postbaccalaureate certificates; associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees Highest Graduation Rate,
Lowest Student-Faculty Ratio
Madonna University Livonia, MI (11.3 miles from Novi) 4-year, private, not-for-profit Between 1- and 2-year, between 2- and 4-year, postbaccalaureate and post-master's certificates; associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees Most Program Variety,
2nd Highest Graduation Rate,
2nd Lowest Student-Faculty Ratio,
3rd Lowest Net Price
Oakland Community College Bloomfield Hills, MI (13.5 miles from Novi) 2-year, public Less than 1-year and between 1 and 2-year certificates; associate's degrees 2nd Most Program Variety,
2nd Lowest Net Price,
3rd Lowest Student-Faculty Ratio
Schoolcraft College Livonia, MI (7.8 miles from Novi) 2-year, public Less than 1-year and between 1- and 2-year certificates; associate's degrees Lowest Net Price,
3rd Most Program Variety,
3rd Highest Graduation Rate

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