Nude Art Classes and Courses Overview

Courses in nude art are common in traditional art degree programs. Research what you can learn when you enroll in such a class by reading descriptions of a few popular topics.

Essential Information

Nude art classes are offered through in certificate programs and associate's, bachelor's and master's degree programs art and illustration. Specifically, nude models are usually included in figure drawing classes. Students learn how to accurately portray humans both nude and clothed and to use color and lighting to influence the way people appear in artwork. Notification of the inclusion of a nude model is usually provided in a course syllabus.

List of Common Nude Art Courses

Discover what you can learn in a nude art class in a degree program.

Figure Drawing

This intermediate drawing class begins by teaching students how to draw individual body parts, including feet, arms, legs and hands. By studying books, students learn human anatomy and physiology, with a focus on expression and proportion. This course allows students to draw rough sketches and detailed drawings of different parts of the human body and is often a prerequisite to nude art classes using live models.

Life Drawing

Through this nude art course, students learn how to sketch individuals, both clothed and unclothed, from live models. Teachers begin by assigning quick sketches and progress to longer exercises. Often, famous work of artists who painted individuals nude are introduced along with their techniques and style. This nude art class builds on the skills covered in figure drawing, where students learn about the bodily shapes and proportions.

Advanced Life Drawing With Color

This nude art class expands on concepts learned in beginning figure drawing classes and allows students to further develop their visual and technical skills in drawing the human figure. A variety of media are used, and emphasis is placed on color. Typically, students examine many nude models to become familiar with human shape, learn how real humans look and further emphasize that all people are different. Additionally, intermediate nude art classes challenge students to portray the figure expressively and to use experimentation.

Figure Sculpture

Figure sculpture classes are nude art classes that build on intermediate life drawing skills by using a clay medium to represent the human figure in three dimensions. Students become more familiar with the human form as they portray anatomy, gesture, expression and proportions. A live model may hold the same pose during each class session for the duration of the term, allowing students to focus and further develop the technical and critical skills learned in previous nude art classes.

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