Oakland Adult School Options with Contact Information

Oakland, CA, residents can select from several adult education programs in this area. Both career and personal development programs are available. Individual courses and programs resulting in diplomas or certificates are available.

Schools and Programs

Adult schools in and around the Oakland area are mainly provided through the public school system in the state of California. Located at the McClymonds High School Education Complex, Oakland Adult and Career Education is the city's only adult school. The school offers job training programs as well as courses that help adults improve their basic literacy skills, obtain their GED or improve their English language reading and writing abilities.

The table below offers some basic facts about Oakland Adult and Career Education.

School At a Glance

School Name Institution Type Class Format Program Levels
Oakland Adult and Career Education Public, high school On-campus GED, individual classes, internship

Oakland Adult and Career Education's (OACE) Adult School Programs

OACE is a part of the Oakland Unified School District, and offers GED preparation, English as a Second Language ((ESL) and computer literacy classes for parents, and career technical training for adults with developmental disabilities.

GED Program

The GED program runs for approximately three months. To enter the program, students must complete an orientation and assessment. GED testing covers science, math, social science, reading and writing.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Family Literacy Courses

ESL classes are offered to parents to improve basic skills in speaking English. These classes are designed so that parents can better support their child's educational journey as well as communicate with teachers. Parents taking this course also get the opportunity to regularly visit their child's class.

Computer Family Literacy Course

This class teaches parents how to use the computer in order to keep up with their child's academics. They learn how to browse the Internet safely, use email, and access the school district's parent portal webpage to track their child's attendance, grades and assignments.

Project Search Program

This program serves as an internship for adults with developmental disabilities. Participants work full-time hours at a local host business where they get classroom instruction and on-the-job training to prepare for public sector and healthcare careers.

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