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Oakland, CA, residents can select from several adult education programs in this area. Both career and personal development programs are available. Individual courses and programs resulting in diplomas or certificates are available.

Education Centers and Training Programs

Adult schools in and around the Oakland area are mainly provided through the public school system in the state of California. Multiple locations offer job training programs as well as courses that help adults improve their basic literacy skills, obtain their GED or improve their English language reading and writing abilities. Career training is available in these and other areas:

  • Nursing
  • Computer repairs
  • Office administration
  • Cosmetology
  • Construction

Many of these job training programs provide adult learners with the opportunity to participate in apprenticeships or internships. Additional programs are offered in parenting, U.S. citizenship and disabled adult classes. Senior adults can also take various personal enrichment courses, such as those in dancing, exercise and crafts. Details about where Oakland residents can attend adult schools and what programs are available are found below.

Oakland Adult and Career Education's Adult School Programs

The OACE consists of three adult schools in Oakland. These schools offer adult basic education classes, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, career training programs, parenting workshops and senior adult programs. Courses are offered at over 150 locations in and around Oakland at adult school locations, local churches, park facilities and elementary schools.

Adult High School Diploma Program

Adult students can complete their high school education and take the California High School Exit Exam to earn a diploma. Coursework covers science, math, social science, language arts and humanities. Business education courses are also offered as electives.

General Educational Development Program

Individual skills classes are offered in math, reading and writing. These courses help prepare students for the General Educational Development (GED) exam. OACE is a testing center for the GED exam.

Career and Technical Education Programs

Programs are available in administrative services, computer repair, nurse assisting and entrepreneurship. Most programs last ten weeks and provide students with basic career skills in each area.

English as a Second Language Courses

ESL courses are offered at the beginner and intermediate levels. Courses have open enrollment and are offered at locations throughout Oakland. Academic, vocational and workplace ESL courses are offered along with a citizenship course.

Parent Education Courses

Courses, typically offered as 1-day workshops, help parents to support the academic advancement of their children. Parents learn to develop the educational, social and emotional well being of their families.

Health and Fitness Literacy Course

Courses in health and fitness are offered for adults over the age of 50. Courses include breathing and movement, brain health and yoga.

Technology Course

An introductory computer class is available for adult students who need to learn the basics. The class covers computer terminology, keyboarding, mouse use, navigation, Internet and e-mail.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2607 Myrtle St., Oakland, CA 94607
  • Phone Number: (510) 879-3036

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