Office Manager Certification and Certificate Programs

Read about professional certification and certificate programs in office management. See what courses are included and where programs are offered. Get information on job prospects and salaries.

Essential Information

Individuals seeking to advance their careers in office management can earn professional certification in the field through brief courses that teach the fundamentals of the field. They can also enroll in certificate programs at area community colleges, universities or technical schools. These programs are sometime available online as well. Students in both types of programs learn to use standard office technology as well as general office procedures. They get an overview of management skills and business communications.

Professional Certification in Office Management

Certification programs in office management teach participants business etiquette and protocol, business writing, time management, effective planning, filing, computer skills and communication skills. Throughout this program, working professionals learn how to use the telephone effectively, become confident and effective leaders, conduct interviews with potential employees and manage time and planning. These professional certifications often require 60 hours in a classroom, which will likely be broken down into weekly 4-hour sessions and a final examination. Topics are separated into four modules: interpersonal skills, management skills, computing skills and applications development.

Certificate - Office Management

Office management certificates are part-time programs preparing students for supervisory positions as office managers and as administrative and executive assistants. Programs are often separated into six courses, which will develop the student's skills and confidence in supervision, leadership and organizational management. Through the coursework, students practice business communication in both the oral and written forms and learn how to deliver powerful presentations using industry-standard technology. Office and computer skills and issues, including privacy, security, records management and office networking systems, are also covered.

Educational Prerequisites

Most office management certificate programs are given at community or technical colleges, and applicants are often required to adhere to the same standards as individuals entering an associate degree program. Because this is a management certificate, there may be additional requirements, such as a resume, a minimum amount of business employment experience, word processing proficiency, spreadsheet knowledge and an instructor interview.

Program Coursework

Most office management certificates require a minimum grade point average, which includes participation and examinations. Courses are similar to those taken by undergraduate business majors and may include the following:

  • Management of an organization
  • Business writing
  • Business presentations
  • Relations within a business
  • Computer essentials

Popular Career Options

Because most office management certificates are earned by those already employed in a business, the goal upon graduation is usually to move up to a higher standing with more responsibility and pay. Some career options include the following:

  • Office manager
  • Human resources administrator
  • Business owner
  • Supervisor

Employment Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most managerial jobs are filled by workers already involved in an organization at a lower level ( Managers are needed in all organizations, large and small. Median annual earnings of administrative services managers, according to the BLS, were $81,080 in May 2012, with the highest ten percent earning more than $143,070.

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