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Office Manager Courses and Classes Overview

An office manager serves as the supervisor for administrative support staff and also ensures that the office runs smoothly. Office manager courses are usually taken as part of a full certificate or degree program.

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Essential Information

Although there are no standard education requirements for office managers, many employers prefer these professionals to have an associate's or even a bachelor's degree. Office manager courses may be taken at the certificate level as well. Relevant certificate and degree programs are available in office administration, office management, business administration and business management. These programs may include an internship or office management simulation.

Students normally complete coursework in office procedures, computer basics, accounting, productivity software and management. Degree programs include additional business courses, as well as those in general education. Some topics covered could include human resource management, business law, economics, records management, business communications, leadership and organizational behavior.

List of Courses

Here are descriptions of some courses that may be included in a program geared toward office management.

Computer Basics Course

Office managers typically use computers to manage documents through word processing, spreadsheets or databases. As such, a computer basics course provides an overview of computers, their functions and different software or applications pertinent to the job. More advanced topics may include computer networks, advanced programs for office management and Internet applications.

Office Procedures Course

In an office procedures course, students learn about different office support positions, general business office procedures and opportunities for professional development. This is a course that may be modified to specific types of office managers. For example, law office managers may learn about general legal office procedures, billing processes, court systems, legal document preparation and legal ethics. A medical office manager, on the other hand, may learn general health care terms, methods for medical billing and patient confidentiality laws.

Spreadsheets and Database Course

A spreadsheets and database course may be taken as one class or separated into two individual topics. Students learn how to work with and create spreadsheets and tables. Students also learn about database software and how to input and export data from these systems. Additional topics may include learning spreadsheet formulas, creating lists, creating database queries and generating reports.

Business Accounting Course

An office manager will sometimes be in charge of accounting processes such as payroll submission or invoice tracking. In a business accounting course, students are given a general overview of typical business accounting procedures and how they may apply to an office manager. Specific skills may include those related to accounts payable, accounts receivable or cash controlling. Students may also work with specific accounting software, such as Quickbooks.

Office Management Course

A general office management course covers different administrative positions and duties. Students learn ways to supervise, how to communicate effectively with staff and how to build relationships. Topics in time management, leadership, appraisal processes and discipline are also covered. Some programs may also offer an office management course that prepares students for small business management.

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