Online Art History Courses with Class Descriptions

Online art history courses can be taken to satisfy degree program requirements or possibly for personal interest. Several universities across the U.S. offer online art history courses.

Essential Information

Aspiring art teachers, professors, critics or gallery directors might pursue a bachelor's or master's degree in art history. Students of art history programs can, in some cases, take introductory and more advanced courses online. Online coursework is typically part of an undergraduate or graduate program. These courses explore and discuss a multitude of art styles produced in various time periods.

Online Art History Courses

The following courses are commonly offered online.

  • Ancient to Medieval Art: Students are introduced to ancient artworks, beginning with Egyptian and proceeding through to Gothic art in this online art history course. Throughout this undergraduate course, sculptures and paintings from these historic eras are discussed with an emphasis on cross-cultural, political, religious and economic issues.
  • Art Appreciation: This online course is an introduction to art history. Students are exposed to art and architecture from around the world. Composition, theme and other elements of expression in art will be discussed in order for students to gain skills in analyzing, describing and assessing works of art. This online art history course introduces students to famous artworks and discusses similarities and influences across cultures.
  • 20th Century Art: This course examines the most prominent and influential artistic styles and movements that have emerged throughout the last century. Some of the styles that are typically discussed include Dadaism, Futurism, Pop Art, and Post-Modernism.

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