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Essential Information

Very few trade schools and colleges offer online auto mechanic training programs. For first-time students, program options include associate degrees that offer a couple of online courses. Experienced auto mechanics, on the other hand, have the option of enrolling in associate and bachelor's degree programs that deliver most of the instruction via distance education.

Online Availability Not commonly available
Degree Levels Available Associate and bachelor's
In-Person Requirements Internships, proctored testing or coursework

Associate Degree in Automotive Technology

Associate programs generally require students to complete their automotive technology training on campus, though some schools offer an online course on automotive management or classes that can be used to fulfill a program's general education requirements.

There are also programs that allow students to complete most of their coursework online, but they're extremely rare and are geared towards auto mechanics who've earned certification as master technicians from the ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence). Students in these programs can substitute their experience and professional credentials for up to two-thirds of an associate degree program's credit hour requirements. Most of the remaining credits can be earned online.

Program Information and Requirements

Traditional associate degree programs take about two years to complete. Online programs designed for experienced auto mechanics can be completed in around two semesters, and students might be required to take at least a couple of courses on campus. Some programs also stipulate that students take proctored exams at school testing centers while enrolled in online coursework.

Common Automotive Courses

In addition to general education classes in the humanities, online courses include those designed to help students develop the management skills needed to advance in the field. Students might also be able to enroll in an internship or co-op experience that includes an online component.

Automotive Shop and Service Management

Students learn how to staff an auto repair shop or parts department and control costs associated with labor and inventory. They might also spend time developing their customer service skills, as well as their ability to market a shop's services.

Bachelor's Degree in Automotive Technology or Management

Though relatively uncommon, these online degree completion programs are for students who hold associate degrees in automotive technology or a related field of study. Some programs offer an emphasis in field service operations or advanced vehicle systems to individuals interested in sales and marketing careers or positions as field technical specialists. Students might also choose to focus on automotive management in preparation for careers with auto manufacturers and dealerships.

Program Information and Requirements

Coursework for these two-year programs is primarily completed online. On-site requirements can include a three-day leadership skills class and a cooperative work experience or internship. As with the associate degree programs, distance education courses often require students to complete proctored exams on campus or at another approved testing site.

Common Automotive Courses

Students in these bachelor's degree programs take general education courses along with core classes on topics ranging from management and sales to marketing. Advanced automotive technology courses can also be included in the curriculum.

Automotive Materials

This online class covers various automotive fuels and lubricants. Students also examine environmental concerns associated with their use and the safe disposal of toxic materials.

Automotive Business Operations

This class focuses on the procedures used by dealerships and repair shops to manage personnel, control inventory and maintain industry report systems. The management of a business's finances is also discussed.

Career Information for Graduates

While a high school diploma will meet minimum education requirements for many automotive mechanic positions, job applicants with some sort of formal training - such as a two-year associate degree - should face the best job prospects. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanics could see a 9% employment growth through the 2012-2022 decade. As of May 2013, they earned a median salary of $36,710.

Students who complete automotive technology degree programs in order to pursue managerial careers could command higher salaries. For example, automotive service managers earned a median wage of $50,966 as of September 2014, according to During this same period, fleet managers earned a median salary of $55,451.

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