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Online Bachelor of Administrative Office Management Degree Program

Business communications, office procedures and employee relations are some of the subjects students can expect to study in online bachelor's degree programs in administrative office management. If that kind of work has your interest, read on to see details about distance learning coursework and career prospects.

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Program Overview

Although associate's-level programs are more widely available, there are some four-year schools that offer administrative office management bachelor's degrees through distance learning. Coursework in these programs is designed to prepare students to effectively run and manage an office. Most programs feature fully online classes, but some do require internships to give students real-world administrative experience.

Programs may lead to degrees such as a Bachelor of Science in Office Administration and Technology or a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Administrative Management. Students interested in applying to these programs might be required to already have an associate's degree that includes general education coursework. A bachelor's degree usually takes around four years of full-time study to earn, but those who enter online programs with prior college credits could see that time reduced.

Common Courses

In addition to completing general education classes, students in an administrative office management program learn how to use a variety of computer applications, including databases, word processors, spreadsheets and presentation software. They also become competent in using accounting programs and business management software. Some common online courses in an administrative office management bachelor's program include:

  • Principles of office management
  • Business law
  • Office accounting
  • Principles of supervision
  • Introduction to microcomputers
  • Office procedures
  • Human relations in the office
  • Mathematics for business
  • Strategic management

Online Learning

Students in online programs in administrative office management learn the same skills and are critically evaluated much like students in traditional, on-campus programs. Online students, however, often have the freedom to log on and do coursework when it's convenient for them. The flexibility of online programs allow students to learn from a variety of sources, including videos, lectures, slide shows, Web modules and discussion forums.

Possible Careers

The knowledge gained and skills learned in an administrative office management program are relevant in a wide variety of industries and positions. Virtually every industry and type of business has some type of front office operation that requires a person to manage it. Potential job titles for people working in the field of administrative office management include:

  • Office manager
  • Administrative professional
  • Administrative support specialist
  • Administrative manager
  • Corporate administrator
  • Facilities operations manager
  • Office administrator

Employment growth for administrative service managers, a common field for people holding a degree in administrative office management, is projected to increase 12% in the 2012-2022 decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( Those with skills in a variety of administrative functions could have an advantage when on the job hunt.

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