Free Online Biochemistry Course and Class Overviews

Several prominent colleges and universities offer free biochemistry courses online. The courses are the same as the ones taken on campus, with the exception that a student does not earn college credit for coursework.

Where Can I Find Free Online Biochemistry Courses?

Some colleges provide OpenCourseWare (OCW) programs to online students. The courses cost nothing and are the school's way to pay back the community that supports them. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Arizona and the University of Akron all offer free online biochemistry courses.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT's online biochemistry laboratory course is offered through the chemistry department. Students will examine the tools and methods used by biochemists to dissect biological problems. Students enrolled in the online course analyze the mode of action and structure of proteins.

There are six 1-hour lecture sessions and two 4-hour lab sessions. Lecture notes are available for download. Students can take examinations online, but they are not graded or scored, and students do not get answers to the questions.

University of Arizona

The Biology Project is offered through the University of Arizona's Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics. The department has recently made adjustments to the program so that it is accessible to students who must use assistive technology.

The biochemistry program covers an array of science fields, including chemistry, metabolic acidosis and alkalosis, large molecules, acids, bases and amino acids. Topics on metabolism, photosynthesis, energy, enzymes and catalysis are also explored. Support is offered for non-English speaking students.

University of Akron

The University of Akron offers an intermediate class in biochemistry through its Concepts of Biochemistry program. Students learn about carbohydrates, lipids, protein structure, DNA, energy transduction and metabolism. Films are presented that illustrate the molecular structure of various molecules in rotation to provide students with a geometrical view of structures. Several other chemistry-related lessons may be accessed through the school's website.

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