Online Biochemistry Courses Offered Online for Free by MIT

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers biochemistry courses online, which focus on the many chemical processes that take place in biological organisms. These non-credit, free courses include popular biochemistry topics within the fields of engineering, biology and chemistry.

Essential Information

MIT is renowned for its OpenCourseWare program, which offers free, non-credit courses to anyone with internet access. The courses require no registration and are taught by fully-licensed professors and experts, making the program an excellent option for students on a tight budget. Students have access to a variety of course materials, including lecture videos and notes, homework problem sets and sample exams, but they do not have the opportunity to interact directly with a professor. Online courses at MIT are completely self-directed.

Free biochemistry courses online incorporate aspects of various subjects, like chemical engineering and microbiology. Students learn about the technical and chemical specifics behind such principles as metabolism, fermentation and protein building. Additional subject material covers enzymes, mass transfer and microbial systems.

Online Biochemistry Courses

Below are a few examples of courses that are offered for free through MIT's OpenCourseWare program:

  • Biochemistry and Pharmacology of Synaptic Transmission: Covering the chemicals working in the brain and central nervous system, this online class at MIT explores a range of interesting topics with applications in anatomy, psychology and medicine. Students in this course study concepts in neuroscience, such as the synaptic process and the function and structure of neurotransmitters. Special attention is paid to the more advanced function of monoamine transmitters, neuromodulators and neurological diseases.
  • Separation Processes for Biochemical Products: Offering an introduction to the various processes used in biochemical manufacturing, this online MIT class covers the use of basic tools and techniques, like centrifugation, extraction and chromatography. Students pay specific attention to information involving the use of technology to derive biochemical products, such as membrane filtration, cell disruption and process design. Lectures in this course, like all free MIT classes available online, were pre-recorded during a past semester.
  • Science of Emerging Pathogens:Infectious diseases represent one of the most serious global health issues, as they can quickly kill millions. Outbreaks such as Toxoplasmosis, Chagas Disease, and the Bubonic Plague have demonstrated the danger of these diseases. In this course students will learn how to fight these diseases by planning and implementing experiments that examine the molecular origins of these sicknesses.

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