Online Class in Database Management with Course Descriptions

Online classes in database management are offered as part of degree and certificate programs or as standalone courses at quite a few colleges and universities. Keep reading for more information and course descriptions.

Online Database Management Class and Program Overviews

Online courses in database management are offered through university extension departments and computer science departments, individually and as part of both graduate and undergraduate degree and certificate programs in database management and related areas. Program examples include the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and a graduate certificate in database management and business intelligence. Students learn about computer operation, troubleshooting, security, analysis, recovery and databases transfer.

While the majority of online classes are continuing education courses that require students to have some previous experience with database management, some certificate and degree programs offer introductory classes as well. Online classes are offered in self-paced and fixed-date formats, though both require Internet access to obtain course materials, interact with professors and take tests.

Class Overviews

Online classes are offered at a range of levels, from basic operations to more advanced classes in database system implementation and programming. Additionally, many classes focus on specific industry-standard database systems, including Oracle and Microsoft SQL. The following are a few of the common courses students can expect to find.

Database Management Fundamentals and Administration

Students gain a basic understanding of database models and environments as they learn to manage database components. Topics discussed include the following:

  • Data input
  • Data sorting (tables, filters and queries)
  • Database troubleshooting
  • Database security

Database Design and Implementation

Students in upper-level courses acquire a better understanding of database system structures and learn structured query language (SQL). These skills prepare them to plan, design and set-up relational, network and object-oriented databases. Students also learn to perform and design the following database functions:

  • Report generation
  • Data analysis using multiple constraints
  • Data recovery and transfer
  • Maintenance of data consistency and integrity

Database System Programming

This online class emphasizes the computer programming aspects of database management. Through instruction in advanced SQL and other programming languages, students learn to design the following database system functions:

  • Web applications
  • Database triggers
  • Report forms
  • Security configuration

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