Online Classes to Be a Medical Receptionist

The demand for receptionists is growing -- especially for those working in the healthcare industry. Several schools offer medical receptionist classes online. Future receptionists can enroll in programs that cover a variety of topics in basic computer skills, customer service and office procedures.

Essential Information

Online medical receptionist courses are typically available through public community colleges or private vocational schools specializing in distance learning. These institutions may offer classes individually or as part of a certificate program. Additionally, some schools offer reception-related coursework in a distance learning associate's program in office administration or medical administrative assistance.

Some four-year universities offer undergraduate classes in this field as well, although they are usually part of continuing education programs and do not award any sort of degree credit. These programs are typically self-paced and include the cost of textbooks in the total tuition fees.

Online Receptionist Courses

Distance learners taking online classes typically log on to a virtual classroom available through their schools' Web sites. Prospective receptionists may be able to take the following courses online.

  • Basic Office Computer Skills: Courses are typically offered to introduce or increase basic office computer skills. These include courses in Windows OS, keyboarding, Microsoft Word and Excel. In each course, students will learn to create and manage files and folders and use a variety of software programs.
  • Medical Office Procedures: This program typically stresses electronic procedures, including reception, communications, scheduling appointments, telephone procedures, managing records and entering daily transactions. Students will also study banking procedures, payroll management, billing and collections and inventory management. Computer simulations of medical offices are used to help students build practical skills.
  • Skills in Customer Contact: This course normally teaches students the foundational skills of excellent customer service. Students will learn about the identification of external and internal customers, good listening skills and techniques for asking questions. The area of customer service representatives is also examined.
  • Medical Language for Office Professionals: Students will typically learn the formation of medical terms and the meanings of many word roots, suffixes and prefixes. They will learn how to pronounce complicated medical words by understanding their elements. They will receive an introduction to how terms relate to health practices evaluation.
  • Diagnostic Coding: This course typically provides a study of diagnostic coding. Future receptionists are taught to properly code diagnoses in a medical facility.

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