Online College Courses in Early Childhood Education with School Info

Online early childhood education courses provide distance learners with the skills and knowledge to design programs that teach social, cognitive, developmental and motor skills to learners from newborn to five years old. Undergraduate and graduate college courses in this field may be found at community colleges, private online career schools and four-year universities.

Essential Information

While students may be able to take online classes on an individual basis, coursework in early childhood education is typically offered through a degree program. Distance learning programs, which may include some on-site requirements, usually lead to a bachelor's or master's degree and are designed for those who already have experience in the field. The following schools provide such online programs.

Online Early Childhood Education Courses

Although course offerings vary from school to school, students can expect to take courses in the following subjects:

  • Philosophy of Education: Before beginning to form their own teaching beliefs and strategies, students need to understand modern theory as it relates to education. This course provides an overview of foundational educational philosophies in western cultures, and the role they play in developing learning strategies in schools and beyond.
  • Issues & Trends in Early Childhood Education: This course analyzes current belief patterns and social issues that affect the field of early childhood education. Students in this course will learn about systemic changes to the system, and how to respond to said changes. Students will also examine past educational initiatives and their various success and failures as well as their impact on young children and families.
  • Technology Tools: Thanks to various technological advances, teachers now have plenty of new tools to use when educating pupils. This course provides a general overview of computers and other relevant technology, and how teachers can implement them into modern lesson plans.

Program Options

The following schools offer degree programs in early childhood education:

School Degree Type Courses
Arizona State University M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction: Early Childhood Education Emergent literacy, learning & instruction
University of Nebraska M.A. in Curriculum & Instruction (Early Childhood Education) Curriculum implementation, web-based educational environments, children's literature
University of North Carolina-Greensboro M.Ed: Birth-Kindergarten Interdisciplinary Studies in Education and Development Educational research, early childhood development
University of Cincinnati Early Childhood Education (associate & bachelor's) Developmental concerns, social emotional development
Penn Foster Career School Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education Interpersonal communication, infant & toddler care

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