Online Courses and Classes in Risk Management

Courses in an online risk management program may cover business communication, forecasting and public relations, among other topics. Read on to get details about classes in risk management that are available via distance learning.

Course Details and Overviews

Online courses in risk management are offered by various postsecondary institutions and may be found individually or as part of undergraduate and graduate certificate and degree programs in general management or business administration. Risk management studies may also be found in specialized fields, such as healthcare risk management, or in combination with studies in another field, such as insurance or information security. The following are typical courses found in a risk management curriculum.

Risk Assessment

Assessing risks is a major part of working in risk management, particularly where making decisions is concerned. Students look at risk perception and various ways to deal with potential risks and uncertainties.

Public Relations

Public relations involves maintaining an organization's image in the public's eye. Students learn how to develop and implement campaigns and other media related materials for organizations.

Business Communication

Communication skills are key in any industry. A business communication course covers oral, written and interpersonal skills that make for effective communicators in both personal and professional situations.

Financial Forecasting

Financial forecasting is an important skill for managers, especially when it comes to making strategic decisions for the future. Students examine forecasting methodology and applications, including earnings forecasts, cost prediction and cash flow forecasting.

Organizational Management

Students taking an organizational management course explore what makes organizations both effective and efficient. Topics include organizational structure, along with the role and responsibilities of those in management positions.

How Online Classes Work

Coursework is generally available in different formats from lecture notes to live or prerecorded video lectures. Students typically have access to professors and the opportunity to communicate with other students through open forums. Some programs require students to complete exams, so students may need to find an approved proctor.

Career Information

Risk management professionals play an important role in businesses and other organizations. Their job is to identify, assess and mitigate potential risks that may result from environmental disasters, liability lawsuits and numerous other incidents.

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