Online Degree Programs in Quality Control with Career Outlook

A number of colleges and universities offer online programs in quality control. Keep reading to learn more about program options, as well as the career outlook for the quality control field.

Program Overview

Quality control is an interdisciplinary academic subject covering a variety of business, manufacturing, and service industries. Professionals working in quality control generally ensure standards in production and service are developed, achieved, and maintained. Online programs in quality control (sometimes referred to as quality assurance) may be available at the bachelor's and master's degree levels. Program coursework can usually be completed totally online.

Online coursework is completed on the student's schedule and includes email discussions, use of electronic bulletin boards and electronic texts, and occasionally, online videos and presentations. Most schools offer some dedicated administrative support to online learners as well as library services tailored to online users.

Online Bachelor's Degree Programs

The curriculum for an online quality control degree program at the bachelor's level may include the study of quality management systems, operations management, and logistics. Program courses, which may be offered on a trimester basis, generally prepare graduates for careers as production managers, quality control managers, management analysts, and operations managers. Some schools may offer transfer programs for students who have already earned an associate degree in an engineering or manufacturing-related field.

Online Master's Degree Programs

Online quality control graduate coursework is generally semester based. Areas of study may include statistical quality control, human factors in quality assurance, customer satisfaction and quality assurance, and quality project management. Students may study quality control protocols like Six Sigma, TQM, and ISO 9000. A master's degree in quality control typically qualifies students for career advancement into upper-level management positions.

Career Outlook

Graduates of distance learning degree programs in quality control are likely to find their best chances of employment in manufacturing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), industrial production managers, one of the careers where quality control is a major element, are facing an expected overall employment decline of 2% from 2012-2022 (

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