Online Paramedic Course Descriptions and Requirements

Aspiring paramedics can find a number of training courses online. Continue reading to learn more about these courses, including common requirements and areas of study.

Essential Information

Paramedic training courses prepare individuals to conduct emergency care at the scene of medical emergencies or accidents. Numerous technical schools and community colleges offer online learning options for those wishing to become paramedics. Available courses are usually part of paramedic, emergency medical services or fire fighter programs that result in a certificate or associate's degree. Due to the intense, hands-on training requirements of the field, paramedic programs aren't typically offered fully online. However, many schools offer these programs in hybrid format, which combines online and in-person learning.

Many paramedic programs have prerequisites; students are usually required to complete an EMT basic program before enrolling in a paramedic program. Applicants may also need to be licensed EMT-Bs. Many schools that offer paramedic programs also offer EMT programs.

Course Delivery Methods and Requirements

Online students listen to pre-recorded or live lectures, fill out assignments and interact with other students on discussion boards. Exams are completed through a secure online server or at a local exam facility.

Paramedic students must typically complete lab and clinical time, which is done at local health facilities. They observe the typical routine for paramedics working in an emergency center and often accompany paramedics on runs. As they advance through the program, students take on more responsibility. Upon completion of a paramedic training program, students must past a certification test prior to finding work as a paramedic.

Course Overviews

Although distance-learning paramedic courses are flexible, they also cover important information that must be mastered in order to provide emergency medical services. In addition to the field rotations, which provide practical experience working in a local emergency facility, students could complete some of the following courses online.

Medical Terminology

Students in online medical terminology classes learn the correct words for diseases, medications and body parts. They also learn pronunciations and spellings so they can communicate with doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals and quickly and effectively discuss the status of an emergency patient.

First Aid and CPR

Students learn to provide basic life support using CPR and first aid techniques that are approved by the American Heart Association. This is usually a hybrid course, which includes online lectures and practical instruction through a local certified healthcare facility. This course often includes certification at its completion.


Students study aspects of anatomy and physiology that are useful to paramedics. They also learn ways to identify cardiovascular disorders and examine their treatments.

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