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Online Restaurant Management Training and Education Programs

Distance learning restaurant management programs are available at the undergraduate level and may be combined with studies in hotel or hospitality management. Aspiring restaurant managers can research online training and education options below.

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Online Restaurant Management Program Options

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

The ability to manage a staff, take care of accounting responsibilities, maintain facilities and purchase food and beverages are some of the skills covered in most online certificate programs in restaurant management. Students also learn to develop their customer service skills. Graduates of a certificate program may be eligible for job promotions. They may also continue on to degree programs in restaurant and hospitality management.

Associate Degree Programs

Many institutions offer 2-year associate's degree programs that are more comprehensive than certificate programs. Students in online associate's degree programs in restaurant management take courses in cost control, food production, purchasing procedures, payroll and hiring.

In addition, students typically complete a few general education courses in areas like English composition, history, speech communication and psychology. Students who are not employed in the restaurant industry while they complete their degree may be required to complete an internship to acquire hands-on experience.

Online Learning Details

In an online program, students may complete studies at their own pace, or they may be required to login to a virtual classroom at a specific time. There are often deadlines for assignments, and to complete online coursework, students may need specialized software. In addition, they will likely need the following technical components:

  • Scanner
  • Digital camera
  • CD / DVD burner
  • Printer
  • Microsoft Office
  • Media player

Who Can Benefit?

As opposed to traditional classroom learning, online training allows students to keep flexible school hours and continue to work. Because of the often demanding hours of the restaurant world, an online restaurant management program is convenient for students who are working in catering, food and beverage management or restaurant management.

Employment and Salary Information

After completing an online restaurant management degree program, students may be able to find upper-level management positions in the hospitality and restaurant industry. Graduates who have relevant work experience in addition to a degree or certificate may have the most advancement opportunities. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data from 2013, food service managers earn a median salary of $48,080 per year.

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Restaurant Management Graduate Program Options

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Popular Schools

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