Online Speech Class Descriptions with School Options

Few schools offer speech classes online. In some cases, students pursuing online communication degrees will have speech courses available to them. Research some options below.

Courses at Edmonds Community College

This school's Speech Communications Department features courses that count toward a certificate in relational communication or an associate of arts degree; students may be required to complete prerequisites before enrolling in some courses. The online speech classes at Edmonds Community College help students develop communication skills which are valuable in all professions, as well as interpersonal relationships. Speech courses that could be available via ECC's distance learning are:

  • Public Speaking: Students learn how to deliver planned as well as spontaneous speeches. In addition, they examine techniques for informing, demonstrating and persuading audiences with words.
  • Advanced Public Speaking: In this course, students focus on giving speeches that integrate persuasion techniques. They study language and learn to refine their speaking skills. Other topics include research and audience analysis.
  • Small Group Communication: This class provides students with the chance to explore methods for leading people, making decisions and solving conflicts. They will also study verbal and non-verbal communication.

School and Distance Learning Details

Edmonds Community College is a 2-year public school located in Lynnwood, Washington. It has been accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities since the early 1970s. The school offers some of its speech courses online through a course management system that utilizes audio and video learning material. Some courses are offered entirely online while others are available in hybrid format, requiring students to participate online as well as meet on campus 1-2 times per week.

Courses at Lansing Community College

This college's communications department offers a couple of distance learning speech courses. Online students are required to come to campus to present a speech, while most other work is completed via the virtual instructional platform Angel. Lansing Community College offers tutorial sessions to teach new online students how to navigate Angel. Possibilities for studying speech online at Lansing include these courses:

  • Dynamics of Communication: In this fully online course, students learn techniques for public speaking. They also study small group and one-to-one communication methods.
  • Oral Communication in the Workplace: This is a hybrid course, combining online learning with some on-site attendance. Students learn techniques for conducting applicant interviews. They also learn to give presentations designed to persuade or inform listeners. Other topics include group and interpersonal communication.

School and Distance Learning Details

Lansing Community College has been accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools since the early 1960s. This college's distance-learning courses are asynchronous, allowing students to log in at times that are convenient for them. However, deadlines for assignments and special projects are required on a weekly basis as well as throughout the semester. Distance learning students at this school participate in discussion boards, complete learning exercises and group assignments and take quizzes online.

Courses at Brigham Young University

Interested students are able to study speech online through BYU Independent Study, a department that offers distance courses at the middle school, high school and college levels. Enrollment is open throughout the year. The following course is among several speech options that are offered through Brigham Young:

  • Public Speaking: This is a 3-credit high school level course offered entirely online. Students learn techniques for thinking critically and researching content for speeches. They also learn strategies for connecting with audience members and delivering effective speeches, including informative and persuasive ones. There are no exams or textbooks required for this course.

School and Distance Learning Details

Brigham Young University is a private, not-for-profit institution that has been accredited since 1923. Students taking speech courses online may need to record themselves giving speeches and upload the content to YouTube for the instructor to review and grade. Students are required to review lessons and complete quizzes assigned to those sections.

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