Organizational Behavior Courses and Classes

Organizational behavior classes train students to apply psychological principles to communications, organizational planning and personnel management. Keep reading for more information about classes in this field.

Essential Information

Organizational behavior is the study of how individuals and groups act within the confines of a larger system. Organizational behavior classes and degrees are usually offered through the psychology or business departments of colleges and universities. Students can enroll at either the undergraduate or graduate level.

An understanding of organizational behavior is essential for human resource management professionals and business consultants. Participants in a program focusing on organizational behavior typically study conflict management, written and verbal communication, staff management, workplace culture and team leadership.

List of Organizational Behavior Classes

Keep reading for more detailed information about classes in organizational behavior.

Introductory Organizational Behavior Course

This class is mandatory for all students interested in studying organizational behavior and is usually offered during the freshman or sophomore year. In this class, students learn the basics and framework of organizational behavior. Topics of discussion include job satisfaction, power and control, team leadership and organizational change.

Introductory Human Resources Management Course

Many organizational behavior students find employment in the human resources departments of various businesses, making this class extremely important. A human resources management class discusses how managers can get the most out of their employees, hire the best staff, conduct performance reviews and train and motivate workers. This class is required and is usually taken in the first or second year of organizational behavior studies.

Management Concepts Course

This class discusses business management but emphasizes the role psychology and behavior play in decision making. Strategic planning, conflict resolution and staff training are the primary focuses of management concepts classes. This class is usually mandatory and offered during the first two years of an organizational behavior program.

Organizational Communication Course

Organizational communication classes develop a student's skills in writing and public speaking. A special emphasis is placed on knowing how to communicate in a professional atmosphere; in addition, students will learn to communicate within a power structure and with respect to group dynamics. Most organizational communication professors require students to make both individual and group presentations, particularly using PowerPoint and other multimedia devices. Organizational communication classes are usually mandatory and can be taken at any point.

Organizational Change Course

A class in organizational change examines the many ways organizations and businesses can change and the best ways for managers to adapt. Change management, total quality management, strategy implementation, culture in the workplace and organizational dynamics are some of the issues covered in this course. Many professors require students to participate in case studies, role play and group presentations. This class is offered to junior- and senior-year students.

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