Organizational Development Masters Programs with Course Info

Master's degree programs in organizational development teach students the necessary techniques for managing strategic change in businesses and corporations. Organizational development master's programs often involve intensive study in social sciences, human behavior and management techniques.

Essential Information

Master's degree programs in organizational development are 2-year programs that teach students how to apply behavioral analysis and conflict resolution techniques to facilitate changes in the structure of businesses and the functions of employees. Many programs in organizational development include internships or co-op experiences. Graduates may find work in organizations of various sizes, and may also choose to pursue further study in doctoral programs.

  • Prerequisites: Bachelor's degree; resume; letters of recommendation; statement of educational purpose; interview with the program director
  • Program Length: Two years
  • Online Availability: Online master's programs in organizational development are widely available

Master's Degree Programs in Organizational Development

Master's programs in organizational development generally require students to hold a bachelor's degree prior to acceptance to the program. As part of the application process students may be asked to submit a resume, undergraduate transcripts, letters of recommendation, a statement of educational purpose and to interview with the program director. In addition to studying subjects such as social sciences, human behavior and management techniques, students engage in projects to develop verbal and written communications skills. Specific courses may include:

  • Organization layout and development
  • Team dynamics
  • Team building techniques
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication for business professionals
  • Leadership techniques

Popular Career Options

Organizational development is a very specific field that can be applied to businesses, not-for-profit associations and government agencies facing operational issues. Some specific titles open to graduates of such a degree program include:

  • In-house organizational development coordinator
  • Organization development contractor
  • Human resources consultant
  • Human resources director

Continuing Education Information

Students interested in educational opportunities beyond a master's degree can find relevant graduate certificates or doctoral degrees in organizational development, management operations or business. Graduate certificate courses tend to focus in on one or two aspects of organizational development and are offered as endorsements or amendments to the master's degree they hold. Available doctoral degree programs focus on research in the field of organizational development.

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