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Support of Libraries and Librarians and the American Library Association have teamed up to promote the value and importance of todays librarians in the role of teaching and research. We believe that librarians play an essential part in meeting the intellectual knowledge demands of students and faculty. As technology grows and information becomes increasingly decentralized it is more important than ever to maintain our libraries as the focal point of academic efforts on college and high school campuses. To learn more about the roles librarians play in our children's future please visit the and websites. and Librarians

Thanks to the many contributions of our librarians and educational professionals, continues to become an objective, comprehensive, and informative resource for teens and prospective university students. Our goal is to continue to find new ways of providing quality educational information and we appreciate the tireless work and support of all our contributing state and school librarians.

Unique information for Teens and Prospective Students

  • College Admissions and Preparation pages that include useful tips and advice for applying to colleges, preparing for college entrance exams, and selecting a University. Sample College Prep Page
  • Degree Program Information pages that include summaries of thousands of degree programs including certifications, Associates and Bachelors Degrees as well as Graduate Degree Programs. Program information also lists typical coursework and degree specializations. Sample Degree Page
  • Career Planning Information pages help students find popular career paths within specific majors. Students learn top job fields that relate to each specific major. Sample Career Planning Page
  • State Specific University Information pages includes a state-by-state breakdown of popular colleges and universities including enrollment statistics as well as the university's respective city population statistics. Sample State University Page
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