Pediatric Nursing Schools and Colleges in the U.S.

Pediatric nursing programs focus on caring for children's medical needs. Nurses who specialize in pediatric care usually opt for a graduate-level Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program. Such programs are open to nurses and others who already hold a Bachelor's degree and meet the prerequisites. Read on to learn more about pediatric nursing programs.

How to Select a Pediatric Nursing School

Unlike a registered nurse, a pediatric nurse practitioner is able to diagnose illnesses and to prescribe medicines for common ailments, offer referrals to specialists and offer guidance and health screening. NPs work in clinics, schools, hospitals, doctor's offices and elsewhere. Graduate programs to become a pediatric nurse are available from select universities and nursing schools.

Consider the following also when looking for pediatric nursing schools:

  • Schools that are affiliated with large, well-known hospitals and health systems may be able to provide more high-quality learning opportunities.
  • Gaining internship experience in a functioning hospital, clinic or doctor's office may lead to post-graduation employment.
  • Unlicensed nursing students may want to look for a school that offers preparation for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

Program Overview

Master's Degree in Pediatric Nursing

A Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program is a master's-level course of study that requires approximately two years to complete. A certain amount of clinical hours are required, in addition to coursework. Course topics include:

  • Pediatric physiology
  • Pediatric health and development assessment
  • Pre-adolescent health care concepts
  • Health systems policy and planning
  • Pediatric care management

10 Schools with Pediatric Nursing Programs

College/University Institution Type
University of Michigan 4-year, Public
Emory University 4-year, Private
Kent State University 4-year, Public
San Jose University 4-year, Public
Vanderbilt University 4-year, Private
San Francisco State University 4-year, Public
Renton Technical College 2-year, Public
Rochester Community and Technical College 2-year, Public
University of South Florida 4-year, Public
Ohio State University 4-year, Public

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