Personal Assistant Training Programs and Requirements

In personal assistant training programs, students gain business operations, management, computer, organizational and communications skills through traditional coursework.

Essential Information

Busy professionals and public figures often hire personal assistants to help manage and complete their affairs, such as running errands, screening phone calls, scheduling appointments and making travel arrangements. Those interested in such a career role can seek an administrative professional certificate to receive training and increase their chances of employment. Program curriculum covers business etiquette and management, accounting, computer applications and basic office administration. Students gain communication, multi-tasking, time management, organizational, assignment-prioritizing and business writing skills. They also learn how to make decisions and problem solve under pressure. To complete the program, students take a certification examination given by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (

  • Program Fields: Administrative professional
  • Other Requirements: Pass an exit certification exam
  • Program Length: Varies

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

Graduates are eligible for personal assistant and administrative support employment. Candidates who speak a second language or have event planning and accounting experience are often preferred. According to the U.S. Bureau or Labor Statistics (BLS), employment for administrative assistants is predicted to grow at a rate of 12% over 2012-2022. Executive administrative assistants earned a mean salary of $53,590 as of May 2014.

Continuing Education

Continuing education options include seminars, workshops and other certification programs offered by employment agencies and business training schools. Sessions and coursework teach leadership skills, current office technology, negotiation, resume preparation, confidentiality and media relations. Job placement agencies and personal assistant or concierge organizations have forums to answer industry-related questions. Assistants who choose to work for a medical or legal executive need additional specialized training to learn terminology and protocol. One sought-after designation is the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP). Depending on what college degree they hold, certification applicants will need to have 2-4 years of working experience to qualify to take the examination. Recertification is necessary every five years; individuals must have 90 points of approved courses in education and leadership.

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