Phlebotomy Classes in Oregon with Program Overviews

There are 5 schools within Oregon that have phlebotomy programs. Read an overview of these schools' programs, requirements and tuition info and find out which school is the right one for you.

Essential Information

Students interested in studying phlebotomy in Oregon will find just a few schools in the state that offer certificate programs and training courses in this field. Some schools may require CPR certification as part of program admission requirements. Phlebotomy students will experience classroom and lab-based training, as well as clinical opportunities under supervision.

Career Requirements

After completing a training program, graduates can pursue certification in phlebotomy. While certification isn't required in Oregon or nationwide, employers are more likely to hire certified phlebotomists, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Interested phlebotomists may want to pursue the American Society for Clinical Pathology's (ASCP) Phlebotomy Technician (PBT) certification.

Read on for more detailed profiles on each of the schools in Oregon that offer programs in phlebotomy.

Clackamas Community College

Oregon City's Clackamas Community College has a clinical laboratory assistant certificate program that requires completion of 48-52 credit hours and is approved by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science. Each semester features a phlebotomy course or laboratory practicum. Coursework covers laboratory administrative skills, medical terminology, healthcare basics, clinical laboratory assistant skills, clinical research and general education requirements. Before starting the first term practicum, students must complete current first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation training. Upon program completion, students are eligible to take the PBT certification exam through the ASCP.

  • Programs Offered: Clinical Laboratory Assistant Certificate
  • Tuition & Fees (as of March 2013): $5,317-$5,651*
  • School Type & Setting: 2-year, public; rural area

Lane Community College

Lane Community College can be found in Eugene and offers a non-credit program that consists of 2 courses with laboratory components. Students are taught how to extract blood specimens, choose puncture sites, interact with patients, maintain equipment and keep laboratory records. After graduating, phlebotomists working in a full-time position for a year can sit for the ASCP's PBT certification exam.

  • Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Training Course
  • Tuition & Fees (Spring 2013): $1,700 (textbooks included)*
  • School Type & Setting: 2-year, public; rural area

Linn - Benton Community College

A 16-week phlebotomy certificate program is offered at Albany's Linn - Benton Community College. Up to 24 students are accepted into this program. Participants complete 11 weeks of classroom-based training and a 4-week internship that provides professional skills development. Students learn how to communicate with patients and medical providers, perform venipuncture using syringes and vacutainers, collect samples using heel and finger sticks, use butterfly needles and collect specimens from patients of various ages. Courses include medical law and ethics, anatomy and physiology, digital literacy, medical terminology for phlebotomists and job skills.

  • Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Certificate
  • Tuition & Fees (2010-2011): $3,500*
  • School Type & Setting: 2-year, public; fringe town

Portland Community College

Portland-based Portland Community College has a phlebotomy program with non-credit training that lasts 2 terms. Topics include the handling, processing and extraction of blood specimens. Additional training covers lab equipment care, quality control maintenance, human physiology, laboratory information systems and pathologic conditions. The required practicum and laboratory components allow students to apply classroom concepts in a clinical environment. Graduates qualify to take ASCP's PBT certification exam.

  • Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Training Course
  • Tuition (as of March 2013): $1,599*
  • School Type & Setting: 2-year, public; large city

Southwestern Oregon Community College

Southwestern Oregon Community College in Coos Bay offers a 53-credit hour phlebotomy technician certificate program. This program features courses in medical terminology, lifespan development, basic and advanced phlebotomy procedures, medical law and ethics, human body functions, speech communication and personal health. Students also participate in phlebotomy clinical experiences and cooperative education for hands-on training.

  • Programs Offered: Phlebotomy Technician Certificate
  • Tuition & Fees (as of 2012): $5,742*
  • School Type & Setting: 2-year, public; remote town

School Comparison: At a Glance

School Name School Type and Setting Phlebotomy Programs Offered Program Tuition
Clackamas Community College 2-year, public; rural area Clinical Laboratory Assistant Certificate $5,317-$5,651 (costs as of March 2013; fees included)*
Lane Community College 2-year, public; rural area Phlebotomy Training Course $1,700 (cost for spring 2013; fees and textbooks included)*
Linn - Benton Community College 2-year, public; fringe town Phlebotomy Certificate $3,500 (2010-2011; fees included)*
Portland Community College 2-year, public; large city Phlebotomy Training Course $1,599 (as of March 2013; fees excluded)*
Southwestern Oregon Community College 2-year, public; remote town Phlebotomy Technician Certificate $5,742 (as of 2012; fees included)*

Source: *Schools' websites

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