Plano, Texas (TX) Colleges and Universities

According to the NCES, there are 23 public and private non-profit schools located within a 25-mile radius of Plano, Texas. Decide which school suits you best by comparing the schools' locations, graduation rates and more.

Near Plano, Texas, there are many different options for a traditional undergraduate or graduate education. Using information provided by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), take a look at the locations, sizes, net prices and graduation rates of non-specialty colleges and universities in the area.

Closest Schools to Plano, Texas

Though Plano itself has only for-profit schools, Dallas and other nearby cities provide residents with plenty of public and not-for-profit school options. Within a 15-mile radius of downtown Plano, prospective students have several four-year and two-year colleges to choose from.

  • University of Texas at Dallas (6.5 miles from downtown)
  • Richland College (10 miles from downtown)
  • Brookhaven College (10.8 miles from downtown)
  • Collin County Community College District (11.4 miles from downtown)
  • Dallas Christian College (13 miles from downtown)

Largest Schools near Plano, Texas

Many of the schools near Plano have large populations of over 10,000 students. With a total undergraduate population of 28,187 in 2015, the Collin County Community College District is the largest school in the area. Other colleges and universities with large student bodies include:

  • University of Texas at Dallas (24,554 students)
  • Richland College (16,687 students)
  • Eastfield College (12,498 students)
  • Southern Methodist University (11,643 students)
  • Brookhaven College (10,553 students)

Schools with Lowest Net Price

The net price of a school can be calculated by subtracting the average amount of financial aid students receive from the total cost of attendance. The following schools are all two-year colleges that had net prices under $5,000 for full-time undergraduate students during the 2014 to 2015 academic year.

  • Richland College ($3,509)
  • Mountain View College ($3,696)
  • Eastfield College ($3,899)
  • Brookhaven College ($4,291)
  • El Centro College ($4,559)

Schools with Highest Graduation Rates

The NCES defines a school's overall graduation rate as the percentage of full-time undergraduates who complete their programs within 150% of normal time (e.g., six years for a bachelor's degree). The following traditional schools had the highest graduation rates in 2015.

  • Southern Methodist University (79% graduation rate)
  • Remington College - Dallas (74% graduation rate)
  • University of Dallas (70% graduation rate)
  • University of Texas at Dallas (66% graduation rate)
  • Dallas Baptist University (58% graduation rate)

If you would like to earn your degree near Plano, it is important to consider differences in cost, size and graduation rate when choosing a school.

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