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Career Diploma: Small Engine Repair

Penn Foster Career School's Small Engine Repair Career Diploma Program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive introduction to repairing small engines. Read more about Penn Foster's Small Engine Repair Career Diploma here.

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Official Program Name:

Small Engine Repair

School Offering Program:

Penn Foster Career School

Program Level:

Career Diploma

Program Description:

Penn Foster Career School's Small Engine Repair Career Diploma Program gives enrolled students the opportunity to learn hands-on skills for repairing small engines, ignition systems, and fuel systems. The course is comprised of eight modules, and includes an entire segment on disassembling and rebuilding two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Students receive instruction in rebuilding a variety of small engines, including outboards, small tractors, and lawn mowers. The program concludes with an optional but highly recommended work internship.

Program Materials Supplied by Penn Foster Career School

Penn Foster supplies all of the materials students need to complete the program, including books, lessons, equipment, and learning aids. After completing all program requirements, students are also given a toolbox with tools, a service and repair manual, and the OPE certification exam manual.

Learning Format:


Financial Aid:

Penn Foster offers low tuition, 0% APR financing, and affordable monthly payments to be completed upon graduation.

Required Courses for a Small Engine Repair Career Diploma:

Program and course requirements are subject to change. Contact Penn Foster Career School to confirm the most accurate information before enrolling in a program.

  • Instruction Set 1
    • Learning Strategies
    • Introduction to Small Engine Repair
  • Instruction Set 2
    • Small Engine Parts and Operations
    • Practical Exercise 1
  • Instruction Set 3
    • Small Engine Lubrication and Cooling Systems
    • Small Engine Ignition Systems
    • Practical Exercise 2
  • Instruction Set 4
    • Small Engine Electrical Systems
    • Small Engine Fuel Systems
    • Practical Exercise 3
  • Instruction Set 5
    • Engine Disassembly
    • Engine Rebuild: Part 1
    • Engine Rebuild: Part 2
    • Engine Reassembly
    • Practical Exercise 4
  • Instruction Set 6
    • Power Transmission Systems
    • Servicing Lawn Mowers and Riding Mowers
    • Servicing Garden Tractors
    • Practical Exercise 5
  • Instruction Set 7
    • Servicing Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke Power Equipment: Part 1
    • Servicing Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke Power Equipment: Part 2
    • Practical Exercise 6
  • Instruction Set 8
    • Servicing Outboard Engines
    • Your Outdoor Power Equipment Repair Business
    • Supplement: Work Experience Option
    • Practical Exercise 7

Post-Graduation Opportunities

Furthering Your Education:

Students who complete the Penn Foster Small Engine Repair Career Diploma Program may wish to further their education by pursuing vocational training in an area of specialty, such as automotive repair; marine, motorcycle, or high performance engine repair; or diesel repair. Continued training may present further opportunities for career advancement.

Career Paths:

Hands-on training is an important component of developing expertise in the field of small engine repair, and internships can be invaluable. A repairperson is generally expected to have his or her own hand tools, and novices generally spend at least two years at the apprentice level under a master mechanic.

Entry-level positions that graduates might pursue include:

  • Shop assistant
  • Small engine repairman
  • Small engine mechanic trainee
  • Repair shop sales rep

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