University of Phoenix

Ph.D. in Nursing

The University of Phoenix Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing program is designed for current nurses who are looking to transition to leadership and administrative positions. Learn more about the University of Phoenix Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing program here.

Official Program Name:

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing

School Offering Program:

University of Phoenix

Degree Level:

Doctor of Philosophy

Program Prerequisites:

Learners should have already earned a Master of Science in Nursing and should be Registered Nurses.

Program Description:

Learners enrolled in the University of Phoenix Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing program may have several years' experience working as nurses in hospitals and medical offices. The Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing program is designed to teach learners leadership skills and strategies for leading health-care communities. This program does not have an applied clinical practice component. Instead, coursework focuses on nursing theory and research.


University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association (

Learning Format:


Program Length / Total Credits Required:

74 credits.

Financial Aid Available:

Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Aid opportunities include federal and state financial aid, grants and loans, employer tuition reimbursement, internal and external scholarship sources, and access to other resources.

Required Courses for a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing:

Degree program and course requirements are subject to change. Contact University of Phoenix to confirm the most accurate information before enrolling in a program.

  • COM 705: Communication Strategies (1 credit)
  • SEM 700R: Doctoral Program Orientation Seminar (0 credits)
  • NUR 700: Professional Nursing Leadership (3 credits)
  • DOC 710R: Doctoral Studies Seminar and Workshop (3 credits)
  • NUR 701: Philosophy of Nursing Science (3 credits)
  • NSE 721: Theories of Nursing Education (3 credits)
  • NUR 702: Theory Construction and Content Analysis (3 credits)
  • RES 714: Quantitative Methodology and Methods (3 credits)
  • RES 715: Qualitative Methodology and Methods (3 credits)
  • NUR 703: Theoretical Applications in Evidence-Based Practice (3 credits)
  • DHA 724: Globalization of Health Care (3 credits)
  • DHA 712: Risk Management in Complex Organizations (3 credits)
  • DOC 720: Proposal Seminar (3 credits)
  • DOC 721: Prospectus and Proposal Workshop (3 credits)
  • NSE 722: Instructional Design and Curriculum Development (3 credits)
  • RES 713: Statistics (3 credits)
  • DOC 730R: Professional Development and Socialization (3 credits)
  • NSE 723: Measurement and Evaluation (3 credits)
  • DHA 732: Evaluation of Health Care Programs (3 credits)
  • EXAM 799: Comprehensive Examination (1 credit)
  • DOC 736A: Dissertation I (3 credits)
  • DOC 736B: Dissertation I (3 credits)
  • DOC 736C: Dissertation I (3 credits)
  • DOC 737: Dissertation II (3 credits)
  • DOC 738A: Defense (3 credits)
  • DOC 738B: Defense (3 credits)
  • DOC 738C: Defense (3 credits)
  • DOC 740R: Annual Renewal Residency (0 credits)
    • Only required for learners who have not completed their dissertation within 12 months of completing coursework.