QA Tech Classes and Certificate Program Requirements

Quality assurance is the process of identifying and improving upon problems with a product. Quality assurance tech classes can be found in certificate programs at colleges and universities.

Essential Information

Quality assurance (QA) technology is used in many industries to maintain quality standards. Students who graduate with a degree in quality assurance or who receive a certificate as a quality assurance technician can find jobs in the repair, manufacturing, education, and medical fields. Some colleges offer degrees in specific areas, such as pharmaceutical or manufacturing quality assurance.

QA tech classes typically cover topics like making a process plan, estimating costs, evaluating products, improving defects, and preventing quality control errors. Certificate programs in this field are most often available as post-baccalaureate or graduate courses, and they can vary greatly in duration and focus.

Some common concepts taught in quality assurance classes include:

  • Measurement science
  • Technical writing and communication
  • Statistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Auditing
  • Systems analysis

Quality Assurance Technician Courses

Quality Management

Students of this course gain knowledge in ISO commands and analyzing and implementing quality standards. Students practice by producing a process plan. Through focusing on cost estimation, auditing, and management by data, students learn to continuously improve manufactured products. This course is taken as a prerequisite to many other courses in a program.


Quality assurance to customers requires accurate measurements. Through the study of metrology, students explore the use of indicators, micrometers, gage blocks, and microscopes for angular and linear measurements. Students may also study calibration techniques and inspection equipment. This advanced class can be taken during the middle to the end of a program.

Six Sigma

Students use statistics in this course to reduce defects in products for customers. Students use the Six Sigma course as a stepping stone to designing and creating methods that reduce imperfect goods. Through process control, students are able to find errors in manufacturing and perform t-tests and statistical sampling.

Reliability and Maintainability

Through this course, students learn how companies continuously provide products that meet quality standards. Students assess the reliability of a product through tests and simulations that discover the life cycle, flaws and failures of products. Students then use data to consider improvements on manufacturing to ensure reliability and quality.

Quality Assurance Technician Certificate Program Requirements

Quality assurance technicians can earn certificates through undergraduate and post-graduate programs. As with certificates, certification programs vary in length and scope. Some certifications can be gained from government programs and four-day sessions, while others require completion of multiple courses. In most cases an examination of knowledge marks the completion of the certificate and bestows certification.

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