QuickBooks Classes in Houston, Texas with School Information

The Houston, Texas, area has at least six colleges that offer QuickBooks classes. Get some information about these classes, and see some quick facts for two of these schools to make an informed education decision.

Houston, Texas, Schools Offering QuickBooks Classes

Many individuals and businesses use QuickBooks software to manage earnings, expenditures and other financial data. Because this software is so commonly used, schools offer standalone QuickBooks classes through their professional development or continuing education departments, though such classes can also be part of an accounting degree or certificate program. In the Houston area, these classes are offered mainly at 2-year colleges. Two of these schools and their QuickBooks classes are profiled here. Learn about common course topics and then find helpful facts about each college in the table at the end of this article.

  • Lee College is situated approximately 25 miles east of downtown Houston. The school offers basic and intermediate QuickBooks classes.
  • Houston Community College has standalone QuickBooks classes as well as related courses within its accounting degree and certificate programs. The college is found about eight miles northeast of Houston's downtown area.

Lee College

Lee College originated in 1934 and has grown to a community college offering over 130 certificate and degree programs. Lee College offers classes to introduce students to QuickBooks and to help experienced users become more proficient in its use.

QuickBooks Basic Class

This 3-hour class is for the beginner and offers a hands-on approach to learning the basics of QuickBooks Pro. Many students are new business owners, and they learn how to set up a business account. Using QuickBooks, students learn to set up charts of accounts, pay bills, reconcile bank statements and enter invoices and bills. This class also teaches students how to generate reports, such as balance sheets, profit and loss, accounts receivable and accounts payable. Participants of the course will be able to tailor the software to the unique requirements of their specific businesses.

QuickBooks Intermediate Class

The QuickBooks intermediate class is designed for individuals familiar with QuickBooks who are looking to learn some of its advanced features. Some of the hands-on training students receive in this class covers purchase orders, estimating, job costing and customizing templates for a specific business. Students will also learn about the many reports generated by QuickBooks and how to utilize them to fit a specific business.

Houston Community College

Houston Community College (HCC) is a 2-year college that's been providing educational programs and classes since the 1970s. QuickBooks classes can be taken independently or as part of HCC's accounting certificate and degree programs.

QuickBooks Class

This QuickBooks class is part of HCC's continuing education program and a requirement of its accounting program. This class teaches students the business features of QuickBooks, including setting up business applications, doing payroll, tracking inventory and understanding accounts payable and accounts receivable. The class gives students an introduction to the reports, lists and forms that can be generated through QuickBooks. Students will set up a business during the class, using a general ledger account and entering invoices, inventory, vendors, etc. Instructors urge students to bring their business paperwork so they can learn to customize the program to their business.

Introduction to QuickBooks Class

This 12-hour class teaches students the basics of the QuickBooks accounting program. Students learn to generate lists and reports, create estimates, work with a general ledger account, track inventory and reconcile checking accounts. This class, which is available online, might be of use to individuals starting a business.

QuickBooks Pro 2009 Demo

This 8-hour class teaches students how to set up a business and run it efficiently with the use of QuickBooks. Students will learn how to create invoices, do payroll, send bills, receive payments and pay vendors, all while ensuring their business records are up to IRS standards. This QuickBooks class is an option for the beginner or intermediate user of QuickBooks.

Comparison of Schools

It can be beneficial to study all factors of a school offering QuickBooks courses before choosing which classes to attend. Below you can find statistics and facts reflecting each college's population, campus setting, financial aid availability and more.

Lee College Houston Community College
School Type2-year, public 2-year, public
Total Enrollment (2013)5,911* 57,978*
Campus Setting Small city Large city
Tuition (2014)$45 per course** $109 per course***
% of First-Year Students Receiving Some Form of Financial Aid (2012-2013)57%* 68%*
Acceptance Rate (2013)100% (open admissions policy)* 100% (open admissions policy)*
Retention Rate (2013)63%* 61%*
Undergraduate Graduation Rate (2013)21%* 11%*

Sources: *NCES College Navigator, ** Lee College, ***Houston Community College.

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