QuickBooks Training Programs and Requirements

The QuickBooks program comes equipped with several tutorials for users to train themselves in the use of QuickBooks functions and features. However, users who want more comprehensive and hands-on QuickBooks training can choose from several training resources and methods.

Essential Information

QuickBooks training generally does not lead to a degree, certificate or diploma, but imparts practical skills using QuickBooks for managing payroll, tracking inventory and sales, balancing income and expenses and other financial recordkeeping. QuickBooks training is used in many accounting and bookkeeping positions, and administrative and accounting professionals can learn Quickbooks through many avenues.

Intuit, the maker of Quickbooks, offers direct training and endorses programs provided by Real World Training. Some schools provide QuickBooks training courses, most of which run for several weeks and consist of a total of 12-16 hours of classroom instruction. Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisors provide on-site training to individuals and corporations.

  • Program Length: Several weeks
  • Online Availability: Some programs are offered online

QuickBooks Program

No formal education is needed to be trained in Quickbooks. Some colleges offer training courses for students as part of the curriculum for their certificate and degree programs in accounting or bookkeeping. Advanced courses will cover creating custom reports, budgets, inventory, reconciling accounts, and importing and exporting files. Introductory courses typically address these topics:

  • How to enter payables
  • Collecting receivables
  • Writing checks
  • Generating reports
  • Creating statements

Continuing Education

Intuit provides four certifications for Quickbooks users who become members of their ProAdvisor Program. These individuals are typically accountants, bookkeepers and certified public accountants (CPAs).The Quickbooks certification is self-paced and taken online. Basic certification requires a 3-part examination covering client set up, accountant essentials and recording transactions.Certified Quickbooks users are eligible to pursue the Quickbooks advanced certification. Users must pass an examination to obtain this credential and meet continuing education requirements to maintain advanced certification.

Those seeking to provide certain types of Quickbooks training might seek the Quickbooks Point-of-Sale (POS) and the Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions (ES) certifications, both of which are online self-study programs. The POS certification qualifies individuals to work with retailers and businesses for Quickbooks on-site training or set-up. The ES certification also qualifies one for, but allows certified users to provide on-site installation and training specifically for ES.

Intuit offers live training seminars and webinars for Quickbooks users. Intuit also partners with Real World Training to provide Quickbooks training seminars. Both live and online seminars are available. Live seminars are held in cities throughout the United States. Seminars are conducted for both new and experienced users.Some community colleges offer online Quickbooks training courses. A Quickbooks training tutorial on CD-ROM, with videos and hands-on exercises, can be purchased online.

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