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Quicken Class and Course Descriptions

Quicken is one of the most well-known financial management programs available. There are many courses that teach students about the different uses of Quicken and show them the nuances of the program. Quicken is often taught in courses or programs dedicated to personal finance, small business bookkeeping and agricultural recordkeeping.

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Essential Information

It's possible to find academic courses in Quicken as part bookkeeping or financial certificate or degree programs. Standalone Quicken courses are offered through extension departments at colleges and universities that explain how to operate the program for personal use. Bookkeeping and Quicken courses are also available at high schools and libraries.

Common Quicken Classes

Below are some examples of Quicken classes offered for various purposes.

Introduction to Quicken Course

Some schools teach an introduction to Quicken course with a personal finance focus. Students learn how to use the program to manage savings, make retirement investments, check accounts, track and control credit card spending, and develop a plan to achieve or maintain financial health. After completing this course, students are prepared to take more advanced courses in the field.

Personal Finance Course

It is becoming increasingly important for college students to understand how to manage their money from a young age. While personal finance courses often fall outside of the major requirements for degree programs, these courses are starting to be offered at many schools and have proven to be very popular among college students. Personal finance courses teach students how to use Quicken in order to create budgets and track their investments and debts.

Small Business Bookkeeping Course

Most small business entrepreneurs have various ideas for their businesses, but not all of them are well-versed in accounting software. A small business bookkeeping course shows aspiring business owners how Quicken can help them keep tabs on their finances, and more importantly for first-time small business owners, how to use Quicken to prepare forms and properly handle taxes.

Agricultural Recordkeeping Course

In many disciplines, such as business, financial software such as Quicken is standard; however, for some farmers and agriculture workers, programs like Quicken are very new and can be intimidating to inexperienced users. Recognizing this, many schools now offer agricultural finance and bookkeeping courses that explain Quicken in great detail. These courses cater to the needs of the novice computer user, not only by showing students how to use the financial aspects of Quicken, but also how to install, load and customize the software.

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