List of Radiation Technician Schools

Graduates of radiation technician programs use radiological equipment to generate images of the body or for use in treating certain illnesses and injuries. Students who are interested in working in radiography as a radiation technician can use the following tips to make sure the school they select has the educational services and facilities they need.

How to Select a Radiation Technician School

Associate degrees usually qualify for students to work as radiation technologists, while a bachelor's degree qualifies students for more advanced positions as radiation technicians. Radiation technologists generally work in a supportive capacity, helping patients during the process of taking an x-ray. Radiation technicians may perform more complex tasks or specialize in a certain area of radiography like CT scans or mammography.

Consider the following when looking for radiation technician schools:

  • While many radiation technician schools offer classes through traditional, on-campus programs, online courses in radiation technology are available.
  • Students may want to visit the school and look at its classroom and lab facilities before deciding to attend to ensure up-to-date equipment in addition to a variety of different radiological tools.
  • Students might also consider whether their chosen program will prepare them to earn professional credentials with courses that prepare them for licensing exams.

10 Schools with Radiation Technician Programs

College/University Institution Type
University of Iowa 4-year, Public
Community College of Allegheny County 2-year, Public
Triton College 2-year, Public
Montgomery College 2-year, Public
New York University 4-year, Private
Rochester Institute of Technology 4-year, Private
University of Arkansas 4-year, Public
University of California - San Diego 4-year, Public
Oakland Community College 2-year, Public
Central Pennsylvania Community College 2-year, Public

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