Robotics Schools and Universities in the U.S.

Robotics engineers work in the private and public sectors to build robots for socioeconomic purposes. Many U.S. schools offer robotics technology or robotics engineering as majors.

The field of robotics is an up and coming field currently. From software to mechanical engineering, schools across the country are offering robotic programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

9 Schools with Robotics Programs

These schools offer degree programs in robotics and other similar fields of study.

College/University Location Institution Type Degrees Offered Tuition & Fees (2015-2016)*
Purdue University West Lafayette, IN 4-year, Public Bachelor's, Master's $10,002 in-state, $28,804 out-of-state (undergraduate & graduate)
University of Georgia Athens, GA 4-year, Public Bachelor's, Master's $11,622 in-state, $29,832 out-of-state(undergraduate); $10,750 in-state, $26,348 out-of-state (graduate)
University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA 4-year, Private not-for-profit Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate $50,277 (undergraduate); $40,670 (graduate)
Indiana University - Purdue University - Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN 4-year, Public Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate $9,056 in-state, $29,774 out-of-state (undergraduate); $9,138 in-state, $24,032 out-of-state (graduate)
Utah Valley University Orem, UT 4-year, Public Associate's, Bachelor's $5,386 in-state, $15,202 out-of-state (undergraduate)
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA 4-year, Private not-for-profit Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate $49,536 (undergraduate); $34,268 (graduate)
Vincennes University Vincennes, IN 4-year, Public Bachelor's $5,375 in-state, $12,709 out-of-state (undergraduate)
Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA 4-year, Private not-for-profit Master's, Doctorate $41,371 (graduate)
Johnson & Wales University Providence, RI 4-year, Private not-for-profit Bachelor's $29,566 (undergraduate)

Source: *National Center for Education Statistics

College Selection Criteria

Typically, courses and labs are important as well as the variables of robot building and engineering, classifying robots, the robotics industry, effectors, sensors and automation. Consider the following when looking for robotics schools:

  • A student looking to study robotics should first decide if he or she seeks a career as an engineer or as a technician who assists engineers.
  • Students can benefit from a robotics curriculum that requires them to work alongside one another on group projects.
  • Prospective students may want to check out a robotics school's laboratory facilities, since they will be using the computers and labs to build their robotic devices and conduct experiments.

Robotics is an ever-growing field of study and career area. Students can choose from a variety of degree levels, depending on their career goals, and programs often include access to special robotics facilities with advanced technology for robotics.

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